Social Media

Jan 19, 2016
by: kruss

I honestly couldn’t believe the first tweet I saw with the #PrayforParis. Twitter was in uproar about the country. Twitter is basically where I get all the biggest update. I follow a lot of influential people from Bernie Sanders to Kim Kardashian. Say what you want about her but her name was auto corrected, meaning even Apple thinks she's important. But she had tweeted the hashtag and at that point I was frustrated because I couldn't get a straight answer about what happened in Paris only sadness about what had happened. So I began to dig. And by dig I mean I typed Paris in Google and clicked news. When I read what happened I was shocked. ISIS had attacked the people of Paris. So many people were killed and I was in utter disbelief. in that same day there was an earthquake in Japan and a hurricane is Mexico. That was a real Friday the 13th. I had a bad feeling that day just like every Friday the 13th but there was something especially jarring and I didn't know until the hashtag sprang up. All the hashtags actually. One for every world disaster. This makes me think about the power of social media and how I use use it as a news outlet sometimes. As I said, I get most of the really big news from twitter. If it’s important enough, it will show up on twitter and I will most likely see it.

Social media isn’t always a good thing though. In my experience I have never come across someone nasty but, there are people out there who have and they can call it cyber bullying. Personally I don’t believe this and feel that if you’re really getting bullied on the internet, delete whatever account it is. It’s essentially over after that. But that is just my personal solution to the problem. Not only is there bullying but there is also the matter of the content that some people put on their accounts. If people in high school now a days are in a relationship, they usually want to be shown off on the internet. They want there to be pictures of them just plastered on the significant other’s profile. This is actually a big deal to some people. And some people will even get back at the other in a spiteful way by either uploading a very personal and private picture of the other with a caption that explains why the other person is terrible. I recently saw one of female performing oral on the guy who’s profile it was and he called out how terrible she was and this and that. I thought it was a total and completely terrible display of petty revenge. That girl is now going to be branded by those who saw the post as all the worst things you can call a woman. This is why I think social media is warping the word and definition of “social”.but as it’s changing that it might be time for a reform. The world is constantly changing, who are we to deny the evolution of our race. I think putting our and other’s very personal life should be thought about more before posting something, but I’m all for people meeting and making friends from the other side of the world because of social media.


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i agree.

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i agree.