Social Networks and Political Activism

Sep 22, 2014
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The other day I read an article in my Spanish class about whether it is a good idea to use social media to promote political activism around the world. There were people who talked about the negative influences that could come about from using social networking in politics, but there were also people who believed that it is a brilliant idea to use it. Those that took the negative side of the argument said that this could be a bad idea because a lot of the time the media/news tend to slant stories and are not always reliable. But I have to agree with those that took the positive side because I believe that it is easy and simple to get adolescents involved in politics.

Promoting political campaigns over the news on TV and websites such as CNN and BBC are great ways of spreading political activism, but it seems that only mostly adults get on these sites or TV channels. In order to get the youth of this generation more active in politics, why not use social networking? Teens are on social media apps every second of every day. They can see world issues and/or campaigns just by someone "retweeting" or "sharing" an article. I think websites such as Twitter and Facebook are great ways to promote political activism and get adolescents more involved and active in expressing their opinions on certain topics.


I disagree :(

Submitted by 18dalyj on Wed, 2014-10-01 12:52.

I really disagree qith this post because kidsshould watch the news. The news brings us information. Would u rather get it via social media or the news. The news explains it more then social media. I RATHER IT LIVE THEN OVER THE AIR.
I also agree tho because if you cant watch tv u still get the news. And know current events is important. Like with isis it is really helpfull to know what is going on with them. Also isis made avid on youtube to help hget them get new members. Which i really bad because many kids like to watch the game if they cannot get the game for them selves

When Politics Meets Social Networking

Submitted by andrewa44 on Wed, 2015-02-18 20:33.

I understand your point about social networking serving as a good means of promoting politics in the younger generation, but there's a lot more to the situation under the surface. I disagree with social networking as more of a positive than a negative in politics. Political polarization is at an all time high, largely in part to social networking, and the internet in general. Social networking allows for situations where individuals can join or follow groups with radical views, or only expose themselves to their own views online. This is an example of group polarization, and often prevents citizens from hearing the other side. Consequently, finding common ground and compromising becomes more difficult on a political scale without opponents being able to comprehend their conflicting ideas. To a large extent, the younger generation isn't being given the chance to fully develop their own beliefs, and instead begin receiving ideologies forcefully shoved down their throats. There are enough factors in the environment, like friends, family, and the news to form a foundation for political beliefs in citizens. The news is biased enough as it is. In conclusion, I believe that access to social networking may be adding fuel to the fire of political polarization.

Food for thought?

Submitted by claytonrocco on Tue, 2015-03-31 19:14.

Dear andrewa44,

I am intrigued by your thoughts about the polarization of younger generations through social media/networking because it is something that does have a large influence on how youths of today establish ideals,morals, and political beliefs. However, I would argue that social media has a more positive influence on today's youth because it exposes them to a variety of opinions and ideas which they might not encounter on a daily basis. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is "There are enough factors in the environment, like friends, family, and the news to form a foundation for political beliefs in citizens". I think this is an opinion that can be argued because certain environments, friends, families, and news organizations only present a single stance or point of view that does not broaden the horizon's of an individual.