Somatoform Disorders

Mar 17, 2009
by: dryanmas
What I'm good at

So tonight I read up on the fun and exciting subject of somatoform disorders! Essentially these are disorders in which the physical and psychological get mindled. There is your average feeling physical symptoms from psychological problems; I mean most of us have gotten a headache when we're worried. But there's also many serious types such as hypochondriasis, being almost constantly convinced you are ill. And other I looked into was body dysmorphic disorder.

Though it's been argued that BDD should be classified as a sub-genre of OCD, it is currently considered a somatoform disorder. BDD is the obsession with one part of the person's body and being convinced that there is something wrong with it. This leads to avoidence of social situations, anxiety, and often plastic surgery or other attempts to fix what they perceive as a problem.