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May 13, 2009
by: PHuang

    YEAH... today is my birthday!!!!! I am so happy... kind of.. but anyways I am 16. Yesterday my cousin had an wedding that was the biggest and best one I have ever been to. So far the only bad thing about it is the birthday punches. For ever kid I know know, they give me 16 punches and 1 more for luck. But even though the pain of getting punch is not all that great, I know that once I get home I will have a cake tonight or else the neighbors will be calling the cops because of the noise.... lolz just kidding.

Fact 1:
"May 13 (Bloomberg) -- The Organization of PetroleumExporting Countries cut its 2009 forecast for the ninth straightmonth, predicting oil demand will fall as consumption shrinks inthe U.S., the world’s biggest energy consumer.

OPEC lowered its estimate for global demand this year by150,000 barrels a day to 84.03 million. Demand will contract by1.57 million barrels a day this year, or 1.8 percent, theVienna-based producer group said today"

    If one country falls then others might follow. As you can see on this quote, the worlds most energy consuming country,U.S.A., is cutting its oil usage and now OPEC also lowered theirs. If this keeps going then the so called Domino Effect will occur and maybe another war will break out. So many wars are going on for stupid reasons too like drugs, territories, and even war on products. All these wars are killing the world more then these individual conflicts.


Fact 2: 

"The Financial crisis in the United States market and the world meltdown is known as Global recession, it has shadowed the world economy with a varying degree of recessional impact. The effect of the crisis is evidenced from the very fact of falling Stock market, lack of jobs availability and companies following downsizing in the existing available staff and cutting down of the perks and salary corrections. Globally the financial sector sacking the existing base of employees in high numbers in US the major example being CITI Group."

    So many stores and business closed and in that case the unemployment rate increases is not a surprise. That is because there less places for people the hold the job. This is no threat but America has a reputation of blaming other nations or people instead of themselves. That is because America is scared to take the consequences. That reason is because they think they are the top dog and a little mistake will bring them down. I say this because America owe so much dept to other people but don't pay up but if some other nation owes us the money they will HAVE to pay almost right away.



Rudy Park

       This comic I found recently was... interesting. Why? Because these business owners are trying to find a way around this crisis and in this comic they are offering food instead of money as an salary. Also in this comic I see that the guy in the black shirt represents an selfish person that won't help anyone even though the world is in a tight situation. It shows that even those cheap people needs to help out with even as in cutting down a little in their salary to help out but not everyone will do that because it is money.


All these research and opinion killed my birthday. Also the cake I got was the size of an fist. IT WAS SO SMALL BECAUSE WE FORGOT OUR REAL CAKE AT HOME SO I ATE AN RESTAURANT MADE CAKE!!! But then I was back up on my feet the next day after a nice night sleep.


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