Some People Learn From their Mistakes From Drugs

Apr 1, 2009
by: ctai
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Angry About Drugs

Drugs, whenever I think about drugs it gets me angry. I do not people who do drugs and whenever someone does drugs and stuff I tell them to quit and everything and they just stare at me like I'm crazy or something. They may think I am crazy and stuff, but I don't care because I am just telling to quit because I know that they know better and drugs destroy your body and ruin your life as well. I don't understand why they would do drugs because it just makes your life shorter, don't people want to live a longer life? and enjoy it? Some people just can care less about what they do because they don't care what happens to them. I would never do drugs in my life and if I was pressured into doing it, I wouldn't because I know better and if my friends do that to me I know that they aren't my true friends.

Alcohol is also something that is really bad for you. Drinking a lot is not good for you as well and it can also destroy your body like your liver and your kidneys. Doing drugs and drinking alcohol and cause many problems and diseases that are hard to fight off of a death situation so stop doing it. Like my dad, he drinks alcohol and I get pissed at him and I tell him that it is bad for you and everything and what it can do, but he just doesn't listen to me. He still drinks and stuff, he stops for a while and then goes back again. Drugs and Alcohol is a hard thing to quit and everything and I know that without out your body won't function the same, but people have to try, they have to try to give up, instead of just giving up and saying that their is no point. There is always a point!

Drugs is a Problem

A quote that stood out to me was:

"Drug abuse has become the most crucial problem that has plagued out society by producing very harmful effects. Certain invasive tests are to be conducted by taking blood or urine sample for conforming drug abuse. Hence, drug abuse would affect the both privacy and outside activities. Drug abuse involving several types of illegal use of banned drugs is understood to cause several health hazards."

I think this quote is really important because I think that drugs has been the most crucial problem as well and it has effected the society and the way of life in many harmful ways. The world is changing a lot and people are in harm of doing drugs. People should be tested to see if they are doing drug abuse and to see if they are in harm of danger. Drug Abuse affect many people in many different ways and drugs shouldn't be done even though you are in a private place or at an area where no one sees you. I think people should ban drugs and to take away all the drugs from people to save health hazards and many other problems that is going on.

By people doing drugs, it is hurting the people that love them the most. The people that you hurt cares about you the most and are the people really that will try to help you to quit and everything. They convince to you that drugs is not going to help you in life and that it is not going to get you anywhere because what are you going to get out of it? Drugs are a waste of money and because of drugs people are doing. Drugs make you do stupid things as well and families tell you to quit and everything and after that you still don't quit, they really can't stop what you really want to do because it is your own life. They can't control it, so you have to make your own choices.

Another quote that I think is important is: "A few brave teens sharing their stories about how drug abuse has effected them." I think everyone should be brave and be able to tell about their drug abuse stories. They should tell the people how drug abuse affected their lives and how did they start out doing drugs in the first place. By telling their stories we would be able to help these people and get on a new level of life with them quitting doing drugs and moving on to doing better things. Teens especially should not be doing drugs or anything at all and most of these teens are pressured into doing drugs and that is really bad and a lot of people do go through peer pressure because when you are under peer pressure it is hard to say "NO". Being brave is a really good thing and it is hard to be brave to tell people about your stories about what you have been going through when you are doing drugs. A lot of people regret doing drugs and they can never forget about it. 

 Getting Pressured

The Sunshine Club


So many people are pressured into doing drugs and that is a really bad thing. If you know that your friends are bad and they do drugs, you should get away from them and not hang around them at all. We need these people to confront their problems and make sure that we can help them so they never do drugs again. They should not shut down the major source of drug abuse medications because people need these medications and people need help so they can stop doing drugs. If they shut down these systems no one would be able to help them. People need to learn that drugs are bad for you and it is not going to get you anywhere in life.