Somethings to know about ADD and ADHD

Apr 3, 2014

Before I organized my concept map first I had like a lot of t-charts or like regular little charts all around a graph paper like on the top and bottom ,and I had no draw to represent my topic, my paper was just in chaos mode. After when I was ready to organize my paper I drew a brain in the middle of the paper because I think its what most represented ADD and ADHD. Then I started writing negatives, positives, prevention's, Diagnosis, treatments, and sigh and symptoms for ADD and ADHD. However under the category sign and symptoms I have adults and kids I did this because they have different sign and symptoms. I chosen to conceptualize my ideas like this because I think that this was the best way that my ideas would be more organized. I also chose to do it this way because in my research there are many part and out of those parts there are other parts. Some challenges I faced while creating my concept map was that while I was starting my map I did not know what to do in the middle, which i knew was going to be something that represents ADD and ADHD, so I end up drawing a brain with ADD and ADHD written inside of it. I drew the brain inside because the brain is where it happens.

The map relates to the research I have already done because all of the parts it has I searched it already. It also relates to my research because I already searched for Negatives, positives, Prevention's, diagnosis, treatments, and sign and symptoms for ADD and ADHD. The article that goes under the category of diagnosis talks about how it can be hard to diagnose, but symptoms usually appear early in life around the ages 3 and 6. The article that goes under the category of treatment talks about how the child has to take a drug so that it could be active during school. The next article goes under the category sign and symptoms, this article talked about how adults are disorganized, are constantly late, forgetful and get overwhelmed by responsibilities. It also talks about how kids have poor attention, don’t listen, are easily distracted, make careless mistakes, and can’t seem to learn. The next article talks about the negatives and the positives. Some negatives are that they lose main point, have poor memory, are restlessness,have difficulties in school, and become confused. Some negatives are that they are energetic, are good listeners, intelligent, playful and socially adaptive. The article that goes under the category of prevention's talks about how they should improve the quality of life, and should enhance growth and development of life.

I have holes in my research because I still have not researched some of the inner topics of ADD/ADHD. Some holes I have in my research is that I still have not researched is the causes,medication taken, and cure of ADD/ADHD. Holes that I have on my map is that I still need to look for more prevention's, treatment, more sign and symptoms, more negatives and positives. For prevention's I will research prevention's for ADD and ADHD, For Negatives and positives I will research negative and positives of ADD and ADHD. Also for sign and symptoms I will search for sign and symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Also for the hole that I have I will research medication taken for ADD and ADHD, and for causes I will research causes of ADD and ADHD. The tag I will probably add is different categories of ADD and ADHD.