Spaces and Places: Chicago

Mar 16, 2016

Little pebbles stuck together in a cement goo makes up the pavement that millions walk everyday. An occasional pigeon pecks the pebbles while looking for any little crumb of food. Flies swarm the trash bins in the dark alley. People paces every which way; some on cell phones, others talking to family and friends, some eating while they hustle to work. Everyone is running in different directions with different thoughts rushing through their minds. Cars are breezing by; taxis honking at one another as a lamborghini weaves through the lanes, passing everyone.

To the east waves crash against the shoreline. Sailboats quietly float about in the depths of Lake Michigan. Children laugh and parade around waving ice cream in their mother’s face. The line for Bubba Gump Shrimp stretched around the edge of the pier as the smell of seafood spews from the patio. The sweltering sun sizzles people stand-up-paddleboarding off of Oak Street Beach. Ice cream vendors pace back and forth, dragging their coolers behind them as the sand departs away from the tires on the cart.

In Millennium Park tourists point and take photos of art statues as a group assembles listening to a ground performing on the drums. People are laying on blankets in the soft grass. The wind whistles through the skyscrapers and past The Bean.

Nothing but serenity takes me over.

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Good Job

Submitted by vasquezj19 on Wed, 2016-03-16 14:10.

I love what you did I actually went there a couple times and its always like paradise to me personally. Brilliant work :) :)

Great work

Submitted by Heinemannm16 on Thu, 2016-03-17 08:00.

Hi KC,
I love how you brought the reader to Chicago. You made the whole piece like a painting where you look at every little detail and can really envision it around you. I really enjoyed reading this and felt like I was just sitting on a bench watching everyones world pass by around me. Great work.

Chicago is an amazing place.

Submitted by charlie on Fri, 2016-03-18 08:07.

Chicago is an amazing place. But I've never been to the places you have described. I think that I am missing out. Hopefully I can visit those places soon