Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

May 3, 2013
by: 17tranl

I read the first 98 pages of the book
I found the following quote interesting:
"I am Outcast."
In the text, the narrator considers herself as an outcast. While going to school, she is self-conscious of herself. Her former friends don't hang out with her anymore and she has to find a new "safety blanket," whether it is hiding in a corner or making new friends. She is also at fault when her actions have to be made. While escaping from the terrors her classmates pose to her, she gets in trouble by Mr. Neck. She has to deal with consequences both by teachers and students.
Although the quote may seem meaningless, it portrays a powerful message. An outcast is one that has been excluded from a society or system. Throughout America, bullying is a major problem ranging from children to adults. It can be in the form of a cyber attack, physical attack, or even a verbal attack. If you are an outcast, the best way to deal with it is by make new friends. These friends would allow you to feel secure. It is very hard to change a bully. Whether there are rules, bullies don't have to follow them. They are willing to face the consequences as long as they are happy making somebody feel bad. Moving on with your life with support from you family and friends is the best thing to do.


I read speak over the summer

Submitted by Angelica on Wed, 2013-05-08 12:46.

I read speak over the summer and it was a really good book. I think the whole purpose of the book is not to judge people without knowing there story which is what usually happens in high school. Melinda was abused by some guy and called the cops and now everyone balmes her for have called the police and shutting the party down and receiving hate from her use to be friends. If i was in Melinda's position i would be scared to tell everyone the truth and to be judged and be considered a OUTCAST!

summer reading

Submitted by Franchesca on Wed, 2013-05-08 12:55.

I also read this book over the summer. I thought it was going to be a bad book, but it was really interesting I couldn't let it go for some reason. I was curious to know what would happen next the part of what happend to Melinda was intense. it was kind of scary to read that.