Nov 1, 2010
by: firmage.w

One of the most common commercials that I feel are there to deceive you are weight loss ads. So I found an advertisement using google that was the most ridiculous one I have ever seen. "Shrink ME" is a 99 cent pill that can transform your body into a shvelt figure in a way that no other weight loss supplement can do. The commercial mentions that in this economy you can't afford to be spending much but for only 99 cents you can become fit. This is what we like to call "Too good to be true." Also I found it kind of ironic that the commercial was very carful about not mentioning any time required at the gym or a certain diet that must be followed for the supplement to actually work. Another thing I though was entertaining was that it said for only 99 cents a day as on of the main selling points, but you can get gym memberships to places like Gold's Gym for only ten dollars for the whole month!
Don't trust weight loss advertisements. If you do, you have been SPUN!

Shrink ME Commercial