Split Second-Weekly Book Response

Nov 11, 2011
by: 15CannonG

In my book Split Second I'm up to page 320. So far agents Sean king and Michelle Maxwell along with the help of Joan Dillinger and Jefferson Parks. They are beginning to put the pieces together and somehow are finding connection between the Clyde Ritter case and the John Bruno case. They're beginning to somehow connect these two cases together and are finding more and more about Ritter's killer Arnold Ramsey and are trying to dig out information from his daughter Kate. As they continue this investigation people continue to die around King as his past comes back to haunt him and a killer is on the loose. He kills Loretta Baldwin and Mildred Martin two people who seem to be the key to connecting these two cases. This killer simply known as the Buick man has a way of strangling his victims: stuffing money in their mouths.
"He left by the back door and looked toward the end of the street, where he knew the FBI lurking. "Go get her, boys," muttered. "She's all yours." A few minutes later the old Buick started up and drifted down the road." This quote to me gives an idead of how ruthless and merciless this killer is. He completely leaves these people for dead.