Sports Memoir

Oct 4, 2012
by: trifiln

I have grown up with sports my entire life. Ever since I was a little kid ,I have managed and helped out with my brothers teams, from basketball, baseball, and football. I have been playing organized sports since I was 6 years old, and I am still playing sports today!

I have always loved sports, and I have always wanted to play sports. First, I started off by playing soccer. I tried it for a year, but I didn't like it. It was fun at first, but I later found out I was too slow to catch up with the smaller and quicker kids. I tried to slide tackle like people do in FIFA, but that didn't work out so well. I tried but ended up failing by kicking the kid in the leg and getting yelled at by my coach and the referee. So I ended up quitting after the season was done.

Second, I helped out with my brothers’ basketball and football teams. I started that when I was seven and finished when I was twelve. I learned a lot of mental and physical things by helping out with those sports. I started off by helping out with my the Fulton football J.V. team, then Zach Walden got me to help manage the Varsity Basketball Team. I stopped doing football two years ago and I stopped managing basketball last year. Also, I helped out with my brothers’ travel basketball teams. We traveled tons of places, where I had lots of fun with family and friends. We traveled to Detroit, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and different in-state locations.Every time you would walk into one of the gyms, you could smell the leather of the basketball and the different stenches from the sweaty players and coaches. That was one of the best experiences I have ever had, by learning new skills and different ways to socialize!

Third, I started playing basketball when I was in 4th grade. The team didn’t have enough 5th graders, so they moved up six or seven fourth graders to play with them. That was a cool experience playing versus bigger and older kids than you, and not always playing with the same people. I have also been playing basketball ever since, whether or not it’s in three-on-three tournaments, fall leagues, or with school teams.
Fourth, I started playing football when I was in third or fourth grade and have playing ever since. My Dad has always coached me in football except these past two years. He has taught me a lot of great things that help me out today in different sports. Football, itself, has taught me to stay strong, determined, and focused on whatever you do no matter what the scenario is, and always give 110%. Also, how to never give up at what you're working at or if you are trying to get better, because in the end it will pay off!

I have also played baseball ever since I was 4. I played Tee-ball, Pee-wee, Little League, and now Pony League.I love playing baseball! I have always been a catcher and a pitcher. But, I play wherever coach wants to put me. I love playing shortstop and center fielder because that's where majority of the balls get hit to. That’s when I get to show off my arm by throwing it from center field to home to tag someone out to end a huge inning. While I played baseball I had won the championship twice and was the runner up twice. The first year we won the championship, our coached promised he’d buy us the biggest trophy he could if we won it. Well, sure enough we won it and he kept his promise and bought us all a foot and a half tall trophy! I still have all of the trophies and different medals that my team and I earned.

This year I have already started playing football and basketball. I have practice every day for football and then on Sunday I go play up at Morey Courts in Mt. Pleasant, with Zach and Caleb Walden, from 5:30 to 9. Hopefully the Fall League will give me a better experience about basketball, and how to work hard and work good with other kids other than my friends. So right now my life is full of sports. Then right after football I start basketball a week later. I will be playing for the school and up at Morey Courts for a couple weeks. Also I learned how to practice hard every day, no matter what, because you play how you practice. Hopefully we can stay injury-free from the rest of football and the the entire basketball season.

In the different sports that I played, I have learned teamwork, integrity, intelligence, how to be trustworthy and reliable, and how to always try your best and give all of your effort non stop. Also, how to fight through being tired and exhausted and be mentally and physically strong, too. Also, I have learned that school always come before sports no matter what the situation is, because without good grades, you can’t play in the sport you are currently in. Every single coach has told me the same thing about how school always comes first in sports, because some athletes are good at that sport but when it comes to school they fail and they are not able to play anymore.