Stalin and 1984

Dec 9, 2010
by: SBrimhall

There are many similarites between Stalin and 1984. In fact George Orwell based many of the nightmare sceniors directly from the soviet union. Stalin and Big Brother have many similarties both physicaly and what they represented to the population. Stalin was a small pockmarked Georgan man with a large mustache not unlike Big Brothers. Both were revered to the upmost degree when Stalin died hundreds upon thousands of Russians wept and the whole nation was in a state of great mourning for many days. Stalin was the great father the protecter of Russia against the raving nazi horde.  Because his physical self wasnt all that impressive in real life he had skilled photographers paint him as a tall strong man through their lense. Now Big Brother dosnet actually exist in 1984 but the ability to enspire love and loyality amongst the people and to appear as the perfect man certainly does.  Another Russian doppleganger is the head of the Secreat Police during the purges named Beria. Comrade Beria was the man who saw to it that all of stalins parinoa was carried out and that Criminals against the state especially in matters of political orthodoxy were punished. Beria was as cold and ruthless as Mr. O Brian and although no Russian prisiner got rats in the face many were shot by fireing squad or sent to freezing cold gulags in sibera under his carefull eye.