Starring The Bluthos

Mar 18, 2015
Starring The Bluthos
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My Scratch Project talks about Michaelo Blutho, and his brother Gobo Blutho, who have problems getting along with each other. I animated this project using , and I used different forms of blocks to animate it. I really am proud of how far I did, and I wouldn't mind doing more work in Scratch.

Setting: At the model home, in the living room. Michaelo Blutho is working at his computer.

[Gobo enters stage right.]

Gobo: Michaelo. Still haven’t found a job yet?

Michaelo: It’s better than what you do, performing tricks on people.

Gobo: ILLUSIONS Michaelo. Anyway, I’m trying to save this family, so sitting around on your computer all day isn’t going to help. Meet me by the park later and I’ll show you how I make money.

Michaelo: Gobo, I don’t have time for your tricks.

Gobo: ILLUSIONS Michaelo, you don’t have time for my ILLUSIONS. See you there at One o’clock.

[Gobo exits stage right.]

Michaelo: Well, he is my brother.

[Michaelo exits stage right.]

Setting: Park, a box is standing at the park.

[Michaelo enters stage left]

Michaelo: It was a scam. Typical Gobo. I wonder where he is.

[Gobo pops out of the box, making Michaelo jump]

Gobo: Did Somebody Say Wonder?

Michaelo: Listen, Gobo, if you’re going to invite me here to tell me how you get money to support the company, don’t scare me while at it.

Gobo: No, cause you’re a chicken.

Michaelo: I’m not–

[Gobo dances like a chicken]


Michaelo: Have you ever even seen a chicken?

Gobo: Anyway, Michaelo, take this box here. It’s the latest thing in my career.

Michaelo: So you’ve wasted my time with a box here.

Gobo: I pick one member of the crowd, and then I make him/her disappear. Come here, and I’ll show you.

[Michaelo steps into the box, at that moment, Bustero enters stage right.]

Bustero: Hey brother–

Gobo: And Now, The ILLUSION!

[Smoke appears, Michaelo disappears.]

[Bustero Screams In Horror]
Gobo: Bustero?

Bustero: What did you do to Michaelo?

Gobo: Relax Bustero, I’ll bring him back with the snap of my fingers.

[Gobo snaps fingers, nothing changes]

[Bustero exits stage right]

Gobo: Well...I finally found the greatest illusion of all time.

[Michaelo appears out of the box]

Michaelo: Gobo, you scared shouldn’t have.

Gobo: You can talk, it’s your fault you disappeared.


Gobo: Hey, you used Illusion.

[Tobiaso enters stage left]

Tobiaso: Well, this is a freebie.

Gobo, Michaelo: Tobiaso?!?

[Tobiaso looks at dismay at the three brothers, than changes blue.]

Gobo: Whoa, where’d you get that illusion? Did you like, go swimming or something?

Tobiaso: Oh no, *chuckles* I’m afraid I just blue myself.

Gobo: Smell ya later brothers.

[Gobo exits stage right, followed by an angry Michaelo, who also exits stage right, then Tobiaso exits stage left.]

Setting: Market

[Gobo enters stage left.]

Gobo: So the sprite in the three thousand dollar suit has to buy fruits at a local grocery store? COME ON.

[Michaelo enters stage right.]

Michaelo: Gobo, I’m tired of having to cover up your costs and spend more money out of the company checkbook. What exactly happened back there?

Gobo: Well... my box wouldn’t let you out...BECAUSE I’M THE WORLD’S GREATEST MAGICIAN

[Michaelo throws an apple at Gobo]

Gobo: Whoa! You threw an apple at my four thousand dollar suit! COME ON!

Michaelo: What are you doing with a four thousand dollar suit?

Gobo: Listen, I’m sorry for what happened at the park. I’ll make it up to you, meet me at the boardwalk in front of my houseboat.

Michaelo: It’s a yacht, because we can’t afford a houseboat.

Gobo: If I can get a five thousand dollar suit, I can do anything!

[Gobo approaches stage right to exit]

Michaelo: Gobo, wait! What exactly do you want me to do?

Gobo: I’ll do everything. I’ve been a horrible older brother, and I’ll make it up to you.

Michaelo: Dad’s in jail, Gobo. He’s the horrible one, not you. Let’s go to the Yacht.

Gobo: Allons-y!

Michaelo: Allons-what?

Gobo: It’s french for let’s go.

Michaelo: Yet you don’t know spanish for ‘brother’.

Gobo: Let’s just go…

[Gobo exits stage right, followed by Michaelo, who also exits stage right.]

Setting: Boardwalk, Yacht is visible.

[Gobo and Michaelo walk in stage left, Gobo first.]

Gobo: Welcome to my home, Michaelo.

Michaelo: If you can call it that.

Gobo: Now listen, I’m sorry about the park.

Michaelo: It’s ok Gobo, I forgive you.

Gobo: So, I invited Bustero and Tobiaso to dinner.

Michaelo: Where…

Gobo: On my Yacht.

Michaelo: Ok, are they there yet?

Gobo: Maybe…

[Michaelo and Gobo enter the yacht]

Setting: Dining room of Gobo’s yacht. Tobiaso and Bustero are already there.

[Michaelo walks in stage left]

Bustero, Tobiaso: SURPRISE

[Gobo walks in stage left]

Gobo: He knows.

Tobiaso: Well, nothing to do but taste these meaty chicken parts.

Michaelo: There’s got to be a better way to say that.

Screen Cuts to Black

Developers Log:

DL #1
3/11/15, 8:30 AM, School
I got through Act I, and I’ve started Act II. I made sure all the scripts were followed, and there were no errors.
Some problems I had were keeping track of time, because I overestimated myself by five minutes. Although I met my goal, I need to think about these common bugs.

DL #2
3/13/15 8:00-9:00, School
I finished steps 10-12 at School, and I overestimated myself, because I thought It would take me 10 minutes less than it did. I need to learn how to accurately time myself.

3/14/15 8:00-9:00, Home
I finished steps 13-20, and I took a few breaks in between to help keep my mind refreshed.

3/15/15 7:00-8:00, Home
I finished steps 20-30, I am going to check for bugs tomorrow as I submit it.

3/16/16 7:00-7:20
I fixed some bugs, like errors in the coding, malfunctions, variables, etc. I made sure that everything worked smoothly, and I submitted it.