Starters by Lissa Price (Reading Strategies)

Jul 25, 2012
by: MrLevy

Respond to the 4 Reading Strategies utilizing the novel, Starters by Lissa Price. Use specific examples from the text.



Submitted by Chris S. on Wed, 2012-07-25 12:44.

The novel Starters by Lissa Price utilizes the four reading strategies. They are question, predict, build and conclude. Some questions that I have came up when reading the novel WERE - who is Helena and what role does she play in Callie's life. Two questions that I have now are who is the Old Man and where did Michael go after his argument with Florina?

A prediction that I have is that Callie is going to be in some danger situation, and then Michael is going to come back at that time and save Callie from who or whatever. However, while doing this, he dies.

When I read, I try and connect events in the beginning of the book to the end of the book, just like every other reader should. As a result, I have been able to draw logical conclusions on what I think will happen in the future. I do this by looking at the hints that the author gives either at the end of the paragraph, or if she makes a pause in the book and switches the scene, which Lissa Price does a lot.

I have enjoyed how Lissa Price has put all the major events in sequence. She builds on her ideas very well and never gives away anything too much so that it is completely obvious, which I enjoy.

If you look at my location in the book (Page 266/Chapter 25), I have very much enjoyed reading Starters. As I said earlier, the author builds on her ideas very well and never gives away anything too much if it is going to be important in the future. In my opinion, this is an excellent book.


Submitted by DanielB on Wed, 2012-07-25 12:44.

In the Book that I am currently reading which is Starters By Lissa Price it discusses the four reading straegies question, predict, build, and evaluate.
1. Question-In the Book Starters who is telling the story the main Characters Callie in her body or Callie's renter? What is Callie's goal in the book? When does the book take place year? Where will the book does Callie stop the senator or will somelse live in her body forever and How can Callie stop the senator?

2.Predict- Based on my prior reading from the novel I think that Callie will stop Senator Harrison.

3. Build- Based on my knowledge that is presented to me there is something in the novel that Callie or the Senator have not told us from the part when Callie finds out that Senator Harrison is involved with the Old Man and up to trouble.

4. Evaluate- “I feel that Callie will stop the Senator Because she is going to some of her friends that can/will help her find out more about the Senator and his plans.

When Callie began her third

Submitted by shanez on Wed, 2012-07-25 12:45.

When Callie began her third rental she woke up from it and, heard a voice talking in her head. I wasn't certain of who the voice was. After reading more I began to realize that the voice was Helena the Ender that rented Callie's body for a month. Sure enough after reading another chapter it became clear that Helena was the voice that was talking inside Callie's mind. Helena had the intention of using Callie's body to murder someone.

She was portrayed as the antagonist of the book "Starters". However as more information was given, it soon became clear that she wasn't the antagonist. She wanted to murder senator Harrison because he would have made children do slave labor, and obtain no freedom or rights at all. The body rental place that Callie went to vonlunteer at in order for her to obtain money would now be made public. Instead of volunteering Senator Harrison wanted children to be forced to work at the body rental place. Instead of being the antagonist Helen was actually helping the protagonist.

I feel that Helen risked everything to protect children from getting forced into the body rental place. I feel this because she attempted to kill Senator Harrison which would have stopped the deal to make children working at the body rental.

Reading strategies (question, predict, build, evaluate)

Submitted by AllenX on Wed, 2012-07-25 12:45.

questions- Is the body bank going to take Sara or Callie?

Is Sara going to forgive that Callie punched her in the face?

Will Sara and Callie escape the prison?

Is Blake going to forgive Callie for shooting his grandfather?

Is Helena still alive?

Predictions- I predict that Sara is going to be mad at Callie because she punched her in the face, but I think she will forgive Callie when Callie explains her why the prison is selecting the pretties kids. I also predict that Callie is going to escape the prison and ask for help from the grandparents who lost their grandsons when they were renting their bodies in the body bank. I think that they will work together to destroy the body bank and get their children back.I think when Callie told people the truth about body bank, she's going to get a lot help from all kinds of people and friends.

Build- I think that Callie is going to build a close relationship with the grandparents who lost their children because the body bank. I think Callie is going to be the leader to rebel against the body bank.


I have many questions about

Submitted by charlottew on Wed, 2012-07-25 12:45.

I have many questions about the book Starters. For example, who is the Old Man? What will happen to the Senator Harrison's ideas about jobs for Starters? When will Blake and Callie be reunited? Where is the Old Man? How will Callie escape Prime destinations?
Not only do I have questions but I have many predictions too. I think that Senator Harrison told Blake that a grandma was in Callie's body and that it wasn't the real Callie but someone else. That might be why there was no sign of Blake anywhere and Callie never saw him. He might of believed his fathers words and stayed away from Callie never wanting to see her again.
So far, I think Callie is very caring and audacious based on the knowledge I have from her previous behavier. For examples, when she was trying to save Sarah from going to Prime destinations, she was very gingerly with her and did whatever she could, which in this case was bruising her face and trying to beat her up. Of course Sarah didn't understand and didn't like Callie anymore for doing that but what Sarah didn't know is that her life was saved by callie doing that. Callie was also beat up as well after hurting Sarah. Callie also did what she could to stop Senator Harrison, she even shot him and Callie didn't know she could do that. She cared a lot for her brother too even risking her life to get him a home and money.
I feel that Blake cares a lot for Callie because he loves her and always believes her. For example, when Callie revealed her identity and what she was trying to do to Blake, he didn't run away or react in a strange way to when she said that. He tried to understand what she was saying and not take it the wrong way. He also let Callie wear his families antique heirlooms and his sisters dress. Clearly, by the way he is treating her, he loves her and cares for her very much.

The 4 Read Strategies

Submitted by angads on Wed, 2012-07-25 12:46.

The 4 Reading Strategies:

Question - ask your self questions as you read the story

While I was reading the book Starters I was asking myself, "Why did Callie not stay at the hotel with Florina and Tyler, and protect them?" Another question that popped into my mind, was that "Why didn't Callie kill the Senator even after she heard his speech?"

Prediction - guess what will happen next based on prior reading

While I was reading the book I had many predictions. I predicted that Callie will tell Blake to go to his grandfather, and try to convince him that the body bank should be removed. Then the Senator will refuse and then Black will go to the body bank, himself to get rid of his grandfather's new law. Later, Callie will find out what Blake did and she will also go to the body bank to try to close down Prime Destinations. Both of them might be captured and then they will have to escape somehow.

Building - build knowledge on what is presented to you (the reader).

Helena was actually a person that was trying to benefit the society. It can be inferred that she was also just trying to get rid of the body bank, just for Emma's sake. Helena in reality is one of the caring Enders, unlike Tinniness and Doris.

Evaluate - "I feel that ... because..."

I feel that Helena cares about the youth because it was shown when she tried to kill the Senator so that the youth would not be forced to go to the body bank, to sell their bodies.

Question- ask yourself as you

Submitted by kengok on Wed, 2012-07-25 12:46.

Question- ask yourself as you read the story (Who What When Where How)
My main question of the book is, will Callie find a way to find Emma? If so, how?
Will she be able to get back to Tyler and Florina? Will she meet Michael again?
What is the Old Man's goal?
What is Harrison's goal?
What are the motives of Harrison to make such a decision?
How did Helena know that Harrison was going to do?

Predict- guess what will happen based on prior reading
My prediction is that Callie will find the Old Man and stop the idea of owning another person's body.

Build-build knowledge on what is present to you

Evaluate- “I feel that ……. Because……”
I feel that Helena is taking over Callie. Because she is always telling her what to do and how to do it. Even though Callie is in control of the body, she is still being pressured by Helena to do what she is told.

A few questions...

Submitted by TRin~ on Sat, 2012-12-01 10:05.

When i started reading "Starters" I was not able to put it down. Though after reading it I had one question that I can't wait to be answered. I know the second book is nearly out I just can't help it.

1. Is the old man inlove with Callie? I mean, all this time that they've spent with each other, Blake wasn't really Blake. He was the old man. Also, when Callie was able to reach him near the ending of the book "Starters" he chose not to hurt her. So...???