Steve Jobs

Oct 16, 2011

I've been meaning to write about this for a while now. Steve Jobs passed away on the 5th of October. We lost one this generation's greatest minds. Not only was he a great business man, inventor and polymath; he was a visionary. He spoke of using computers as primarily something you connect to some sort of worldwide communications network in the early 80's, effectively predicting the Internet. There's a video that Apple made 20 years ago of an intelligent voice controlled assistant at some point in the future. They introduced on with the new iPhone that came out on the 14th. They were one month off. Steve didn't really predict the future though; he figured out what he thought it should be and made it reality.  Steve Jobs was one part Thomas Edison, one part Willy Wonka. Once or twice a year he would go on stage and introduce the old to whatever amazing new thing that Apple had cooked up with unrivaled showmanship and enthusiasm. He made computers personal. This is most strongly exemplified in the iPad–which I'm writing this on. Touch removes a level of abstraction, making everything more natural and personal.  My life is better because of his inventions. I hold the Internet in my pocket wherever I go, as do tens of millions of other people. We are always connected to the world.