Still Life

Jan 25, 2010
by: Nicole10
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To Market

All Your Eggs In One Basket


I photographed kitchen things and some books that I had laying around.  I was trying to get a creative and nostalgic mood to show through the photos.  I set up my mini studio on the kitchen table with a sheet and a heavy pillow.  The objects stand out very clearly from the background because I used a very pale blue sheet.  For lighting, I used an overhead light, natural light, and two desk lamps.  Our kitchen is well lit so it seemed like the best place to shoot.  I really didn’t think much about third lines and diagonals, I really just tried to be as creative as possible.  Looking back though, the rosemary in the egg photo makes some interesting diagonals, as do the folds of the shawl.  The handle of the basket is a slight diagonal, as is the way the shawl was draped.  The biggest challenges that I faced was the fact that I had to re-shoot the whole roll of film and I had to remember what I had shot before Because I really had some great ideas.  What I liked best about Still Lifes was that I controlled the situation and it was the best roll of film I have ever shot.