Still Life: Homework

Jan 15, 2010
by: gage10



This roll my topic was still life so I took pictures of things that went together. Basically I wanted to take pictures of similar subjects and put them together and take pictures. Well for instance this one is called homework and I took pencils, pens, binders, notebook paper and just threw it all together. The roll of film actually came out good the pictures where in focus and there wasn't any messed up photos from bad light.. There wasn’t a lot of problems. I think this has to be my favorite picture of this roll because the dark areas and all the different objects just keep you skimming all over the picture . Well for this picture I really wanted my darks to be dark so I added in a 5 filter and let it burn for like 30 then use the 5 filter for like another thirty and it came out great. I made one test strip and had to burn more in the middle of the picture near the white papers.I learned that having dark colors are great! Well it is all one subject. I chose this picture because I seen it on the film and was like wow that looks great and chose to processs it and it was amazing. Hmmmm. I think the mood is maybe kind of dark-ish it reminds me of Lee Friedlander’s work with the TV. Kind of dark I like it. I think the dark colors are the best part and the shadow underneath the folder going onto the paper. I would not do anything differently I think it is good as it is.