still shooting

May 2, 2012
by: g2seans

Dear closest friend,

It’s amazing how such small things can have such a large weight, feel like they can lift you up, or drag you down. Such small things can make your spirits high, and keep you on the right path to where you want to go.

It’s that way for me with my Beretta. Shooting it can make you one with the machine, and make you feel like you can accomplish anything with good groups or a good, speedy run. Owning the world couldn't be closer. it Gives insight to the future, and opens doors that were never open before. it allows me to explore my skills and see my own possibilities.

Showing myself capable to people superior to me . Making them see that I am trying to be more than i am, trying to accomplish more for those seconds that I'm shooting.The first time i went and shot at the gun range, i was looked down upon by the other people there. i was treated like a small child and niot like an adult. when i shot anyways, they were surprised because being my first time i gor 43 out of 50 hits. i was not as fast as they were, but i had more accuracy . ever since, they have treated me with more respect than before and now know that i can shoot extremely well..

For those moments, I'm more than i ever was. My big brother was a sniper in Afghanistan. He carried a standard Barretta M18. He kept that same gun all the way through the war, and we found it one day in his apartment. That gun stayed with him, like mine is staying with me. My dad bought the gun with me, and he was almost more excited than i was. Now iunderstand why that weapon stayed with my brother. it becomes part of you, like its your own. i have found my own way, and now i understand why people carry the things they do.