The Stolen Project

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20mehtar
The Stolen Project
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3

This project was created in Scratch and it talks about a boy who thought he hd his math project, but was fooled, and it actually turns out, he lost it or in other words, he found out someone stole it. So, he starts to be suspicious of his friend, who comes late to math class, because apparently he had to go somewhere. Therefore, the boy goes where his friend went before class, and finds his math project there.
Script -
Setting - The school hallway, where lockers are located.
A young boy and his friend enter from stage left
Boy is humming and walks to his lockers where he says, “What class do I have next, oh yeah English class” - He puts down his bag and says, “Looks like I need to put away my binders”.
Boy says to Friend - “Don’t you need to go to your lockers?”
Friend says - “I already did, just waiting for you to finish your locker business”.
Boy says - Oh I just have to get my math project. You don’t have to wait for me.
Friend Leaves
Boy puts his math project in his backpack and starts walking.
Background switches
Setting - Math classroom
Boy enters through stage right and is about to sit down in his desk and opens his bookbag to take out his math project - takes it out and realizes that its just a piece of rolled up copy paper.
Boy then thinks to himself hmm, where did my project go, did I take the wrong paper or did he take it?
Boy looks around for Friend and when Friend comes in, he asks - Did you see where my project went. I can’t find it.
Friend says - Nope I have no idea.
Boy asks suspiciously - Why were you so late to class?
Friend - I had to go to the bathroom. Wait why?
Boy - Oh no reason. Why did you say have to say that you went to the bathroom. Now I have to go.
Friend - Oh you know what. I think I need to go again. Why don’t we go together?
Boy says let’s go and they leave together through stage left.
Background switches - School Bathroom
Friend and Boy enter from Stage Left
Boy searches the bathroom and sees a piece of rolled up paper in the open stall.
Boy goes to it and realizes that the rolled up paper is his project, says “Yes, I finally found it” and takes it.
Boy says to Friend sarcastically - “Wow, you’re really a great friend.
Friend says to Boy - “I know. Thanks for finally recognizing that”.
Developers Logs -
Developer’s Log #1 - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 1:40 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.
I worked on my project at BSGE in tech class for about 20 minutes. I was not able to accomplish much in I was very confused on how to upload backgrounds and characters from storyboard that. So, I figured this out by asking Shantanu where he specifically showed me how to upload the characters and scenes. Also, I was very confused on how to create my title scene because I didn’t know how I could just make my title appear without any additional sprites and then disappear, so that the first background rolls in. However, because I was struggling with this step so much and figured out that I didn’t need to have a title scene in my animation, I decided to take it out of my action plan and not do it. These perplexing situations made up the majority of the time I spent in the tech room doing my project, so I really didn’t accomplish much.
Developer’s Log #2 - Saturday, March 14, 2015 - 12:30 - 6:30
I worked on my whole project and I ended up completing it. I uploaded all sorts of sprites and backgrounds from along with many props such as backpacks and cylindrical shapes. In addition, I used many broadcast and receive blocks and show and hide blocks to transition parts of the script and so as to be able to have only one copy of a sprite in a specific position. I had some problems with making the animation do the same exact things each time you press the green flag for it, so I used some show and hide blocks so that each sprite would appear and act out its script whenever it “showed”. I also had some trouble with the last scene because only part of the actions that I wanted to occur in his last act really did occur. I decided to use some wait blocks to properly transition out each part of the act so that each of the acts were separately spaced out and therefore, all of the steps had time to occur. Finally, I had to fix my action plan by putting in steps for the different poses for my characters that I had to create and upload for my 2nd scene. I didn’t realize that I had to do this in my animation, until I ended up having to do it for my 2nd scene in my animation to work the way I wanted it too.