Stop The Violence

Feb 27, 2013
by: adot

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Adot - Stop The Violence Lyrics

We used play tag for fun
now we running cause youngin pulled out a gun
if you hear shot you better run
he got hit i guarantee youngin gone get him one

The gun route ain't the way go
stupid kids do cause they friends say so
shots fired betta low
cause a slug a hit you... even if its not ur time to go

Life ain't what it seems
all kids know is silencer and red beams
prolly murder their friends just to get some green
a rock and a hard place is what they stuck between

I Could never understand these fools
get your live together getta job and tryna finish school
but instead u rolling with the tool
not a mechanic …. but he could if he wanted to

lots of violence In these streets
cold word so you know you gotta bring the heat 2x


good song really enjoyed it

Submitted by 18dalyj on Wed, 2013-02-27 14:23.

good song really enjoyed it keep up and keep making music