The Story of Earl "The Goat" Manigault

Apr 1, 2012
by: leakev

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Have you ever heard of Earl “The Goat” Manigault? He was a true legend in Harlem and had his own tournament. The Goat never gave up as a kid in junior high school he always tried to dunk even when people told him he couldn't. As he was growing up he had a huge inspiration Holcombe Rucker. The famous Rucker tried his best to help the goat. Even when The Goat started doing drugs and got expelled Rucker found him a good school out of town to help him. He had got expelled because the coach of the track team seen him grabbing money off the top of the backboard which is about 15 feet and asked him to join the team. When The Goat refused the coach told on him. The goat was the only person in the world to touch the top of the backboard and was known for his famous Double Dunk (as seen in the video above).

In the new school The Goat tried his best with his grade and attitude. During the summer time he came home to see Rucker and played in his tournament. In his tournament he played against some of the greatest like Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. During his last year of high school at Laurinburg Institute he was going to drop out because of he found out that his girlfriend Ivon was pregnant. Yet Rucker persuaded him to finish his last two months at school.

When he went off to college he played for the basketball team and got put in his place the coach told him to stop trying to be a one man team this is college ball. At one of his games he found out that Rucker had died and lost it. He took the ball from his team-mate mad and tried to score when the coach yelled at him The Goat told him he didn’t know anything about basketball and left.

After he left school he went down hill and he got addicted to crack. On his addiction he watched two of his best friends die one from getting shot over crack and the other died from an overdose. That's when he wanted to stop and got into an incident with the law. After being locked up he quit his addiction and tried to do right with everyone. He then fixed up Holcombe Rucker Basketball Court by himself and through his own tournament.

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