Nov 12, 2015
by: AEB_19

There once was a deer who just wanted to be human and his name was John. Every day John would watch the humans do their daily chores, he wanted to be just like those people. John was a big ten point buck and hunting season was just around the corner. The humans knew that John lived in the woods and they wanted to kill him. Every day they gave John food and he ate it. John didn't know what hunting was, he was kind of slow. his family warned him that the humans were bad creatures but he didn't listen, after all they did feed him. But one day in November John notices something weird. He noticed that the humans weren't doing their daily chores but the food was in the spot they always put it. John wanted to know what the humans where doing but he was really hungry so he went to go get the food the humans left out for him. John started eating when he heard a loud bang. He fell over and couldn't get up he sat there, he could feel his warm blood trickle down his stomach. Then it all came to him, this is what hunting was the humans are nice to you just so they can kill you. He lied there for a few more minutes thinking why he ever wanted to be a human then he was just there dead.


I am not sure what the

Submitted by devita52 on Mon, 2015-12-14 13:12.

I am not sure what the purpose of this story is, but I like it. I like how the deer's name was John, and even if you didn't mean for it to be a John Deer reference, it is still creative. Im curious to know what the reason you have for writing this story is. Also, why are humans doing chores in the woods where wild animals live? What kind of area is that for the humans to live so closely? I am sad that John died at the end, I was hoping that he would somehow try to fulfill his dream. But I guess that is the way life works sometimes.