Strong Female Characters in Novels

Mar 31, 2016

In many young adult novels, teenage girls aren't portrayed as being strong, but as being naive. I am wondering why authors choose to create female characters like this, and not as strong women. I believe that this is part of what influences how the world perceives girls, and how girls perceive themselves. Phrases such as "you throw like a girl" or "you run like a girl" make being a girl seem to be something bad or undesirable. These phrases tear down girls, and make them feel like they are worthless simply because they "throw like a girl". Young adult novels should be promoting strong and independent girls, because girls need to know that being a a strong girl is okay, unlike how the media seems to show. In the novel I read for my literature circle, the main character, Ingrid, is a 7th grade girl, who is very brave and adventurous. She is involved in the solving of a murder, and she goes by herself on many dangerous adventures, her courage never wavering. I think that her character is a good example for young girls because she is strong and takes things on herself. More novels should have strong female leads, because it leaves a good example for girls, especially when the rest of the world is telling them otherwise.