Strutt in the sun, with your dog

Apr 21, 2009
by: Jillian

Once again it's time for Salt Lake City's annual "Strut Your Mutt" walk presented by Petco.  This is the 14th year that the city civilians will participate.  On Saturday, May 30th at 8 am, the local pet lovers will gather at Sugar House Park to strut thier dogs and spend some quality time sulking in the sun, enjoying the entertaiment, booths, contests and more.   This fun day in the sun is for a great cause.  The goal of this 1.5 mile walk is to help the homeless pets in Utah and try to find them homes.  There is a story of a dog named Betsy that shows why people should be helping with the issue of homeless pets in Utah.  It's a story of the adoption of Betsy and how because of her, several members of the Best Friends Animal Society wanted to make sure that there were no more homeless pets.  Their care has made a great difference and started the No More Homeless Pets in Utah organization.  This organization wants to end euthanasia and find more humane alternatives. 

"When No More Homeless Pets in Utah started in 2000, 46,000 animals were euthanized each year in Utah shelters. Now, 8 years later, that number has dropped to 33,000. "

No More Homeless Pets in Utah provides various programs to help end euthanasia bu spaying,neutering, adopting and working with other organizations.  This non-profit organization works closely with the Best Friends Animal Society.  Here are some facts about euthanasia.

"Before we began No More Homeless Pets in Utah in 2000, over 46,000 animals were euthanized in shelters throughout the state (1999 baseline). Today, that number has decreased by 30%.*

2008 Year To Date Statistics
January thru October 2008
Euthanasia reduced by 37%
Adoptions Increased by 26%
E-Metric 13.3*

2007 Statewide Adoptions
1999 = 18,137
2007 = 24,009

2007 Statewide Euthanasia
1999 = 46,010
2007 = 32,776
A 29% DECREASE!* "

To find out how to register, go to the Strut Your Mutt website at  If you live in the Salt Lake area, make an effort to come down to Sugar House Park on the 30th to support this great cause.  Spring is here and it's a great time to get outdoors.


I loved reading about the

Submitted by 12makridise on Wed, 2009-05-13 21:10.

I loved reading about the changes occurring, the amount of help being gathered to end euthanasia for animals. I'm interested in the subject and consequences of euthanasia, and my personal opinion is that it is something that is not necessary in the world. From human love and support, springs the start of a new and positive chapter in every dogs future, instead of the assisted death most of the poor animals have already gone through. It's about time someone spoke up and did something about it, but now I'm questioning whether the same can happen for humans as well.