The Study of Culture in English Class

Apr 22, 2014
by: connorc

Something that I have been interested in learning more about is why it's important to learn about culture. We have been learning a lot about different artifacts and their effect on culture and other cultures in general, but I don't think that it's important to learn about these things in an English class. Lately, this issue has really been bugging me. I know that many people feel that it's important to learn about culture and make connections to culture through our reading, daily life, etc. But, in my opinion, I don't feel that it's necessary to spend so much time delving into the subject in an English class. I think that if someone truly wanted to learn about culture in depth that that individual should take a class that is intended to focus on that area, something like Social Studies or even maybe Psychology. Now, this is just my opinion, it is not fact.

One thing that I know for sure about learning about culture in an English class is that it is not really applicable to reading and writing and doesn't really expand my knowledge of the English language, which is what I was under the impression an English class was intended for. Now, I've studied my fair share of Social Studies, and I know for a fact that that subject explores different cultures and different things that influence each culture. It just seems kind of silly to me that we are spending so much time learning about culture in an English class. Do not get me wrong, I believe that culture can be valuable to learn about, but I don't think it should be taught in so much depth in an English class.

All of this makes me believe that while culture may be important to learn about, I don't think that English class is a proper place to learn about it. We are asked constantly to make connections to culture from our reading and daily lives, but in my opinion that doesn't really help to expand our knowledge of the English language or our skill as a writer. Although, some people may say that learning about culture is necessary and that it expands our understanding of our country and the world; and there may be some truth to that. I just simply think that there may be a better place to learn about culture than in a freshman English class. That doesn't mean that I am condemning the teaching of culture, I just think that it would be more valuable and efficient to learn about it in a different environment, so we can spend more time in English learning how to read and write better. This is simply my opinion, and I mean absolutely no offense to any educator in the writing of this paper.