Summary and Isearch

Nov 30, 2009
by: 14TorresC

From the interview, I have learned many things about schools in Dominican Republic. Life was not all that easy for kids. This is because getting to school would take a considerable amount of time. This would especially apply if; you were like my family members and didn’t have much cash. In addition, there weren’t trains that the children could use to get to school. They would have to walk the whole way. “Just for me to get to school, I’d have to walk a couple of miles, so I would end up having to wake up extra early.” Their schools weren’t even that great. Students would have to try extremely hard if they wanted to learn anything at all. “Sometimes, teachers didn’t really care much for the students, if you didn’t do the work, they wouldn’t even care that much.” How horrible is that? In schools around the world, sometimes education is neglected just because the teacher doesn’t want to put a full-hearted effort into teaching their students.


The facilities in our building weren’t that bad, but they weren’t great either. "They wouldn't have a lot of money to fix anything if it broke, so we were careful with what we had.” This shows that back then, and probably now in other schools as well, that things can’t be taken for granted if you had them. If your school is not wealthy, then you will probably not get another one to replace it. So, even simple things such as a sink handle would be important there. And we’re talking about a school that wasn’t even that bad. There were so many other worse ones out there. My family members were fortunate to be going to this one that actually had some money to afford proper textbooks and such items. But for the others, sadly, they were not so lucky.

What schools are actually like in other parts of the world. Schools all around the world are all different, and unique in a  way. But, there are so many poor schools out there and we have no idea of what they have to go through because we are not living their life. Let's see how a typical day for someone in another country of the world be like for them.


You wake up in the morning to find that it’s around 4 a.m. You would get out of bed as normally and do all the normal things you would do before school. The only difference is, you would probably end up making your own lunch with all the leftover things in the house. This would be done so you can have something to eat during lunch since your school most likely cannot afford to give you lunch, for free at least. Then, you would get ready to walk a couple of miles to school, maybe 2-3 miles to get to your school would be a reasonable estimate. Your parents most likely did not have a car unless they were rich and there are most likely no trains in the area. You would also most likely refrain from using a bike because they are stolen a lot and 6 hours at school is a long time to leave a bike out in the open. So, off you go on your long walk to school, with some friends, perhaps, if they live nearby. It shouldn’t be much of a hassle for you since you’re so used to walking these long distances by now, but it certainly isn’t much fun.

From my interview, I was able to realize how much harder getting to school was and how much of a hassle things were back then. For me, the interview was planned out in a way so I could easily see and get a description of how an average life for somebody at this time period would be like. As the day would go along and the classes would pass by, you realize just how different people's lives were back then. As I went along with the interview, I saw that life was not easy for people, even as a child. Overall, I think I learned a lot from this interview. Just to get a decent job, you would have to go through a lot. Typical days for people all over the world who aren’t exactly very rich would be similar to a day in hell for us. We are so used to having things in luxury while kids in Africa have a harder morning by what they have to go through than we do in a month. I was so interested in the fact that putting yourself in other peoples’ shoes can really change the way you see things. It can actually change your attitude about certain things in the world. You know its bad, but when you actually hear about it in full detail and the step-by-step process, you really seem to appreciate the small things that you have in life.