Summary of Harry Potter

Nov 17, 2011

In the book Harry Potter 3 Harry is once again on another adventure in hogwarts. It starts off with him at his uncles house once again for another summer. At this time he is sneaking studying magic and writing up his summer assignment at night. If he was to get got he would get in major trouble since they dont allow him doing magic at home. Aunt Marge comes to town and harry made a compromise with vernon that if no "funny business" he was allowed to go to the hogsmeade trip with Ron and Hermione. That unfortunately didnt happen because with anger harry accidentally used magic to make aunt marge inflate and fly away. He than ran out of the house with all his stuff and sat on a curb. As he was sitting he noticed a mysterious movement in the bushes but couldnt quite a picture of it. Before he could really react a magical bus showed up and he took the trip to london. He then met the ministry of magic, ron and hermione and sooner or later was on his journey to hogwarts. On the train to hogwarts, dememtors showed up and tried sucking up harry's soul but proffesor lupin stopped that from happening. As the school year progressed one of harry's favorite teacher's was lupin. He was the defense against the dark arts teacher as well harry's trainer from learning how to properly execute the expectopotronum spell. In the end of the book serious black was proved innocent and harry learned that serious was his god father. Using a time turner hermione and harry were able to go back in time and set buck beak and serious black free. Harry succesfully learned the expectopotronum thanks to a life or death situtation against multiple dememtors. Thinking it was his father but after using the time turner he learned it was himself.


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Submitted by 15OMERAGICE on Fri, 2011-11-18 12:32.

I like how you described Harry Potter but I want to know what page you're on because it becomes interesting to see how many details you can find in a certain number of pages so next time could you please write down the page number but anyway you still made the summary very interesting and I think you did a great job.