As The Sun Sets

May 17, 2010
by: nellb

When editing pictures for digital photography, I really enjoyed working with burning and dodging. Burning makes photographs darker while dodging makes pictures lighter. Although this may not seem like an important tool, I feel that burning and dodging really have the ability to change the whole mood of a given photograph. When I was learning digital photography in school, there was a lot of structure to what needed to be done in the sense that certain steps needed to be taken. In my own work however, there are no steps whatsoever that I follow. I like my work to be completely organic and stem from what I am feeling. Hopefully, my work will go beyond simply a photograph and reach the point where it becomes a work of art.

I really enjoy every aspect of digital photography. There is a certain process, which involves not only capturing moments via camera, but also editing those pictures to evoke a certain feeling. For example, the picture I am showing in this gallery is a compilation of two separate photographs. There was something about each photograph that did not sit right with me. There was no emotion or excitement in either of the pictures. However, I saw elements in each photograph that I knew would work very well together. I took the sky from one photograph and added it to the initial photograph, which is what I love about photography. I really enjoy the idea that photography does not have to be one-dimensional and many aspects can work together and be interchangeable. This piece has truly turned out very well.

When I say that a certain piece has come out very well, I mean that it says something about the photographer that I am. This means that the photograph is simply not just a snapped image, but that it has emotion. I want someone to be able to look at my work and have different feelings evoked within themselves. I want all of my work to represent my style. I would never want to publish a piece that is not recognizably mine. Although some people like to diversify their work, I would prefer to keep my work more uniform and easily distinguishable.

While looking through my old work and closely observing everything, I noticed that there is always tremendous depth to my photographs and that all of my work seems to travel inward. The images I normally capture travel from a generally heavy foreground and a lighter, simpler background. I enjoy this idea because I feel that it leads the eye and the viewer of the image to wander. I would never be happy if someone were to look at a photograph of mine and be bored. The mark of an interesting photograph is one that leaves something to the imagination. An image that has an air of mystery is overall more appealing to the eye.



 Your photo caught my

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Submitted by madisons on Fri, 2010-05-21 10:02.

 Your photo caught my attention because the sunset looks surreal. It makes me wonder about what artistic methods were going on in your mind. Something you said that I enjoyed reading was "The mark of an interesting photograph is one that leaves something to the imagination." I agree, I think a good photo is one that inspires.

Dear Nell I think that is a

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Submitted by alih on Fri, 2010-05-21 10:07.

Dear Nell

I think that is a really cool thing the way that you added the two pictures  together to make the one picture that was very stirking. I agree with what you have said about how burning and dodging changes the feel of the picture and how it makes you feel. I also think that it is great that you are able to see the changes in your work over time



 Nell your photo is so

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Submitted by FannyC on Fri, 2010-05-21 14:16.

 Nell your photo is so cool. You did an excellent Photoshop job, I can't tell what has been editied! Where each of these pictures were taken? I really like the sunset. 

Your picture really caught

Submitted by tmonteiro on Fri, 2010-05-21 14:49.

Your picture really caught my attention. it is really nice how you captured the nice sunset. I have never seen such a nice sunset behind the high buildings that I live around. I dont know where this location is but this place is really nice & different from the kind of place I live near. I feel like this picture was taken & put up without any changes because it looks so natural from the kind of sunset pictures I have seen before. You are very talented & gifted for taking good pictures. Good Job!

You chose the two pictrures

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Submitted by type on Mon, 2010-09-13 16:22.

You chose the two pictrures very well, it looks just like one pic!! The foreground lighting also matches the background lighting very well.

Neil I really like this

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Submitted by SarahTL on Wed, 2010-09-22 10:51.


I really like this picture. I like how the focus is instantly on the beautiful sunset. I love when you have a sunset and it reflects on the coulds and bring out more color. At a second glance it almost looks like a sun is coming of a chimney. I have some pictures that show sunsets you should check them out.