Nov 24, 2008

I photographed objects that had line that would straighten the diagonal affect. Objects such as towel hooks, stairways and my chimney. It was difficult trying to find objects around the house that were made more dynamic by diagonal lines. Even the picture I thought was my strongest I think could have been better. I think this was the strongest photo because it is clearly diagonal. And the line of the broom leads you down the photograph.


I like this picture. it is

Submitted by ryanb on Tue, 2008-11-25 17:24.

I like this picture. it is great in black and white because of the contrasting colors.  The thing that I don't really understand is why you chise a focal point that is in the middle. I would have included a larger focus but isolate a side rather than the middle. Good job.

I really like this

Submitted by Y2009KelChi on Mon, 2008-12-01 09:23.

I really like this photograph. The shallow depth of field, and the motion of the broom is very interesting.  The contrast between the colors on the broom is really great as well.  This was a good choice for diagnal lines, because not only is the broom diagnol, so are the lines on the broom.