Swine Flu

Apr 30, 2009
by: marquel15

I think the talk around most of the nations is about the swine flu.  Although most outbreaks are in Mexico it has been declared a Phase 5  possible world epidemic, which is the second highest stage there is.  So far 168 people in Mexico have died (but only 12 actually confirmed as a result of the virus and the others speculations) and as of wednesday the country has been basically shut down.  "On Wednesday, Mexican President Felipe Calderon ordered citizens to stay home, businesses to close and government services to be suspended for five days beginning Friday."  (Mexican Health Chief) 
    What is the swine flu might you ask"Swine flu is a mix of pig, bird and human genes to which people have limited natural immunity."  So, contrary to what many think it is not something you get from pork, just a mutation of a disease that is normally found in pigs and birds and therefore our body is not used to it.  To make it even more dangerous that symptoms aren't any different from the common flu making it hard to detect.  "It has symptoms nearly identical to regular flu — fever, cough and sore throat — and spreads similarly, through tiny particles in the air, when people cough or sneeze."  
    However, no reason to panic yet.  According to stats those who have been diagnosed have had much more drastic symptoms and a higher percentage of death then those in the 13 other countries.  Many believe this is due to better overall medical care throughout victim's  life span in other areas such as the U.S.  As of now there have been no Americans who have been diagnosed with the flu who have died.  "It is very likely that we will reach a pandemic, but this does not mean that it will be deadly," a women from the World Health Organization told a magazine.  As long as we treat it correctly it should be manageable.


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