T.A.G.'s Annotated Podcast List

Jan 7, 2010
by: 11grahamt
Career goals

Art of Drink
This is a weekly podcast is an instructional video. Every month Anthony Caporale posts a video on how to prepare a certain drink. Caporale shows a step by step example for classic and contemporary drinks. This is an interesting podcast because I think his information is useful and his style is informative.

Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk

  Chinese lessons can be found in these podcast. Serge Melnyks is a non native Chinese speaker who has studied the language for 20 years and lived in China for 13 years. His lessons are at a manageable pace and he uses medium level language, a level that I am comfortable with. Melnyk does different conversations to represent daily life in a Chinese community, his conversations are useful for learners to practice in the real world.

This seems like a great way to study and/or get ahead in Chinese. -Sarah

Amateur Traveler
This is a podcast on international traveling. Chris Christensen travels all over the world and creates video podcasts on his explorations. Christensen gives tips on traveling and useful information about certain areas of the world.