Talk to an Alien!

Feb 2, 2016

Here's a good question:

Imagine you encounter an off-world visitor who asks you "what is a good human?" What would you say? How would you explain it so that the alien understands?

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Being a good human

Submitted by KetsyKnits on Wed, 2016-02-03 10:59.

Being a good human is being there for others. Good humans are kind, empathic and caring. Their generosity is endless. It brings them joy to see others happy. A good human has a heart of gold.

I have been fortunate to meet and know several very special people. One of them, Alison, died last year. Being around her made everyone feel loved. Alison was a teacher and had a love of learning. Every child that she taught felt loved and cared for. We should all strive to be more like her and other extraordinary people. I am honored to say that I knew her.

Alison cared about everything around her. She would find beauty in small, simple things. She was courageous, and persevered through hard times. When a problem presented itself, no matter how big or how small, Alison would keep going. She saw the importance of hard work.

About two years before she died, Alison had met two women who were trying to start a school. Alison helped and encouraged them, and a year later, they opened a small school on Long Island. At the beginning, the school had received very little support from the community. When the future looked hard, one of the founders remembers Alison saying, “Everything will be fine. I believe in this.” The school is now thriving. Alison helped to keep their dream alive. She gave them the strength to keep going.

Alison was an amazing teacher. She taught in the early childhood group, and loved each and every child that she taught. The kids that were quiet and kept to themselves were special to her. She loved to help them to come out of their shell, and teach them the beauty of learning. Alison helped them to discover new things, and to develop their own ideas. She gave her students self confidence.

In December of 2012, many places were struggling to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene. Early one morning, my mom and I left our house and went to Alison’s house to pick her up. We were headed to a town that was about an hour and a half from the Hamptons. The town had been severely damaged during the hurricane. Many of the people there had lost their houses, and most of the local businesses were barely hanging on.

We arrived at one of the few public buildings that was in decent shape. The building was the location of a Christmas toy drive. People had donated toys that were going to be given to the children in local under privileged families. For the next several hours, we sorted the toys, and then at 11:00 A.M., the children began to arrive. We filled bags with toys, and each child smiled happily when they received their bags. After the trauma of the hurricane, some of them were, for the first time, beginning to feel cheerful again. Alison always knew exactly what each child liked, even though she didn’t know them personally and hadn’t talked to them.

I remember two children in particular, two boys ages 9 and 6. They had specifically requested Legos. My mom and I took a bag and filled it with two sets of Legos and a pair of books. When the bag was given to them, the boys looked inside it right away, and were thrilled to find the toy that they had requested. We all smiled. I hope that I made their lives a little bit brighter.

When Alison was 16, she was diagnosed with a connective tissue syndrome that is called Ehler Danlos. Several years before her death, she discovered that she had Vascular Ehler Danlos, which is much more severe than what she was diagnosed with originally. She had two choices: The first choice was to have medical care for her all of the time, which would have prevented her from experiencing and living the amazing life that she lived. The second choice was to for her to be able to experience life like everyone else, although a medical emergency could happen at any time. She chose the latter, and lived life to the fullest.

Her memorial service was held at the house in which she grew up. The house is on Shelter Island, and is right next to the water. Many of Alison’s family and close friends gave speeches, sharing warm memories from her life time. They described her as compassionate, smart, loving, kind, and as an amazing person.

In conclusion, we should all strive to be better people. Being a good human is being so many things: Generous, humble, kind, caring, empathic. The list could go on forever. But if we all try to be good humans, we can make the world a little bit better, everyday.

Good Human

Submitted by wasd on Tue, 2016-02-09 12:16.

This essay is about people that are good. The world is so big and many people are bad so how can you tell a good person? A great human is kind, thinks before acting and tries to best version of them self.

A good person does good things. For example, a person falls down, a good human helps them up. If you help someone you are kind because you did something a bad person would not do. If you don't help them you are not automatically a bad person because you did not do anything bad. Like blowing up a bank, that is bad. Goodness is an act of kindness.

If someone thought before they acted then they are good. A person on my bus sat on my seat without asking me if she could, maybe if she had thought about it she would have noticed to ask. In that case she should have thought before she acted.

A great person tries to be the best version of them self they can be. Instead of cutting down the Forest, why not plant a forest. If you aren't the best version of yourself try to be.

To sum it up, if you do follow these instructions then maybe you can become a good in my standards. If you came across one of these situations either be kind,think again, or be better than you were.

What does being a Good Human mean?

Submitted by Syrup22 on Wed, 2016-02-10 10:52.

What does it mean to be a good human? A good human is someone who can help our world and other people. Everyone can be a good human in their own way. Some people volunteer at local soup kitchens, help clean up the beaches after tourists come for summer or winter breaks, sets aside time for others, believes everyone is created equally, believes in themselves to make this world a better place.

One example of a good human is someone who is a role model, like Martin Luther King Jr. He was a humanitarian, he spoke up for the people who couldn’t. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize for getting racial equivalences without using violence. When he was shot in 1968, basically everyone was upset. Riots occurred all over. For me, if people all over a continent are having riots for one man, that’s a good human and role model.

Let’s say a woman was walking on the streets of New York City, and suddenly collapsed. No one knows why. But then a lawyer is walking down that same street and he has a really important court date in 5 minutes. He sees the woman and understands the fact that something has gone wrong. But keeps walking because he has a court meeting. I would consider that not a good person. Maybe this woman was intoxicated, and that’s why she fell. But maybe she’s havig? Would he want someone to stop, even if they were late for a meeting?

People can’t always be the picture perfect good human. No one is perfect and that’s okay. But people who donate their time to others or the community/world are pretty great people. They have something pure about them. Everyone has their own thoughts about what a good person is. Personally mine is a person who risks their own life for others, looks out for the health of mankind, speaks up for those who can’t, is a pure person, able to cheer up others when they are down, and helps a heart attack? Sometimes you have to put yourself into other people’s shoes. What if he was dying?

Imagine to friends, Jim and

Submitted by sporo22 on Wed, 2016-02-10 11:13.

Imagine two friends, Jim and Kaytlin, what if I were to know that Jim would get mad if I used his water bottle, but I was dying of thirst, and what if Katlin stopped me from killing myself, but she hurt my feelings afterwards. Are these acts of being good? What does it mean to be good? By definition, to be good means being morally right - understanding what’s right and what’s not, understanding when the time is to be kind, helping, and honest.

Being morally right requires you to make smart decisions. Decisions that help others, the environment, and yourself. Eating less is smart because it saves energy, food, and is overall good for you. Saving resources, like food, helps the environment, which helps others. But you don’t have to be “smart” to make a smart decision, you have to be “good” to make one.

Caring and being kind are similar, but also different. Caring basically means to protect, while kind means being delightful and nice. When being a good human does one have to be kind, or just have to be caring? A person could be protecting of a powerful king or queen, be really good at it, but also be very rude - does this make them a good person? In my opinion no, it does not. If you were to care for an elder, you wouldn’t be rude to him or her, It’s just not morally right. Cheering people up and making jokes brightens the whole room. Making people laugh or smile is gratifying, and good for self esteem. Halving a high self esteem, or being just happy in general is very healthy for your everyday life.

What if someone has to lie to a friend because the truth would hurt them to much, would that be morally right? No, what if in the end your friend finds out the truth? Maybe she/he never talks to you again! Even if you know for a fact that they would never find out, or it turns out they really don’t care in the end. Well to tell you the truth I don’t really think that’s right at all because no matter what your still lying, and when you know you’re lying you are not being morally right. You must trust your friends and know they can handle the truth.

So, no, it would not be right for Jim to get mad at me when I was dying of thirst. And it would not be right for me to get angry at Katlyn for saving my life. Neither of these things are good. To be “good” you have to - by definition - be morally right. You have to understand when kind, honest, and helping come into play when being good. Making decisions that help people, being kind to people, and trusting your friends are what makes someone a truly good person, and for someone to be that, they must also be morally right.

reply to this good essay

Submitted by Juliancheng on Wed, 2016-02-10 11:22.

your ideas are stated and then you follow through and get out all your thoughts. thats what i think

good human essay

Seb22's picture
Submitted by Seb22 on Wed, 2016-02-24 10:48.

There are lots of things that make people good. People are different in many ways. Some people choose to do bad things and some people choose to do good things. It is all about a human's choices.

Some people do bad things like killing and robbing. Other people do bad things like cheating on a test or being mean to others. You don't need to do horrible crimes to be considered a bad human. But bad choices like being disrespectful to others still makes you a bad human. Good people do good deeds. They keep bad people away from good people and protect others. Good people also do good things like helping others with their homework and sharing their snacks or toys with others.

To be a good human you must respect and care about others. People who don't respect others and are cruel to others are bad humans. To be a good human it takes a lot of responsibility. You need to be responsible for your actions and to be a good human your actions have to be good. For example, if you help the elderly cross the street you are being a responsible, good human. If you give money to a charity that is being a good human. A bad human is not responsible because they make bad choices. Everyone has the option to become a good human. You can make a few bad choices and then learn from those bad choices. Than you can make good choices to become a good human again.

In conclusion, it is not hard to be a good human. If you don't get it the first time, try again and again until you get it. The world needs more good humans. I wish we could start life over and everyone could be taught to be a good human. I wish the world was a better place. A place where good humans live happy all the time.

PS... try to be a good human all the time!