The Tall, Black Man

Mar 2, 2009
by: bgizzle
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We have just experienced one of the greatest moments of our nation's history with the election of Barack Obama. While Obama received immense support from U.S. citizens, how is he being received in the other countries around the world? "Like American people on the other side of the Pacific, we are elated, too, at the landslide win of Democrat Barack Obama," said a commentary in the English-language China Daily newspaper. ( Unlike our previous president, Obama has agreed to sit down with Middle Eastern leaders such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Shiite Muslims in Iran even claim he is a prophet that has come back to save them. An excerpt from a 17th century Shiite text prophesises that " a tall, black man will take over the reigns of government in the west" and will "command the greatest army on Earth." ( However trouble does continue on the homefront, especially in the failing economy. Millions are losing jobs while retirement plans and other funds are going up in smoke. In a world so globally, especially through the economy, it is important that other countries share a common approval of the world's greatest nation's president. So far he has received support from several countries. But the question of his ability to turn the economy around is becoming greater with each day as the DOW continues to fall. Hopefully this tall black man will take the reigns of this country and direct us to the promise land.