Tanning Experts

Jan 8, 2013
by: msprinkle

For my expert contact I plan on getting in touch with Kristin Petron, who is a person that is concerned about the risks of tanning and the dangers many people, especially teenagers are faced with. She is a concerned parent as well as someone very knowledgeable on this particular topic. I think her perspective on tanning and the risks it involves would be a very interesting and personal one that is important to see because tanning seems to be a real craze in our society. A social expert mixed with skin cancer professionals are the ideal contacts. The more fact based experts I plan on speaking with are located at the University of Arizona such as David S. Alberts, and Robin Harris. These men are the leaders of the Skin Cancer Institute. I also plan on contacting James Sligh who leads the team specifically on Melanoma and Patricia Thompson who works specifically on cancer prevention and control. I hope to ask Kristin questions concerning what she sees as a parent who is very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. I do however also find getting some more facts about skin cancer from my University experts is important to find their opinions on the real risks of indoor tanning and the likely hood of contracting skin cancer from it.


Mariah, I am excited to see

Submitted by ojloveland on Tue, 2013-01-08 20:35.

Mariah, I am excited to see what your experts have to tell you about the risks of tanning. I think your topic is really interesting and I would love to know more about it. I hope your experts give you all the information you on tanning and the health risks involved, to put your paper together. Good luck!
Olivia Loveland