The Tebow

Dec 2, 2011
by: JTrot56

Tebowmania is sweeping the nation. People are "tebowing" like it is the new planking and Tim Tebow can't seem to lose. Time Tebow is a mystery. How does he win as an NFL quarterback while lacking most of the abilities that make other QBs good. He can't throw an accurate ball to save his life,m but when it comes down to crunch time no one can stop him. He must be some sort of supervillain because no one can stop him and he is ruining the QB postition as we know it. The world needs a superhero to stop the evil that is Tim Tebow.


Are You Even A Real Football Fan?

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Submitted by christopherc on Tue, 2011-12-13 21:57.

Dear Joshua:

I must say out of all the post I have read this is probably the most in-accurate/preposterous one I've read. This is coming from a real NFL fan who not only watches plenty of football, but watches ESPN on a daily basis. Before criticizing someone you must make sure you know your information well.

I do agree with you when you said "He can't throw an accurate ball to save his life". Of course you exaggerated but I get your point. Tim Tebow needs to improve his accuracy in his throws. At-least it is improving every week and on every game.

Tim Tebow is proving that to be a QB you don't need to be as accurate as Tom Brady or as skilled as Peyton Manning. His showing that you can be a great QB as long as you have hope and a never give up attitude. Tom Brady himself gave Tim Tebow a compliment on a radio interview.

All I have to say is Tim Tebow may not be great but he gets the job done. His not a "villain" but instead a hero. Giving his teammates hope to win the game when their down. He always happens to win it in the end too. So never give up. Until then my friend, goodbye.

There's more to report

Submitted by JTrot56 on Fri, 2011-12-16 12:31.

There are many stories that have emerged from this NFL season; the Packers chase for 16-0, Tebow, multiple quarterbacks approaching Dan Marinos passing record, and the zero win Colts. The media seems to think that Tim Tebow and the Packers are the only things remaining in the NFL. Tebow is a great story, but I don't think he is the only reportable subject left.

Don't pull a Tebow

Submitted by PaigeFery on Fri, 2011-12-16 15:22.

Tim Tebow, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, is known for one thing. It's not his passing or knowledge of the game. It's his famous praying stance at football games. Tebow, raised by a Christian pastor, was known for writing Bible versus below his eyes on his black face paint. His one need down praying stance has become a national spectacle for sports fanatics, and this week the stance put four teens in detention.

Four students at Riverhead High in Long Island, New York were suspended for one day after tebowing in the hallway. Administration said that other kids quickly joined the four teens and created a massive blockade in the hall. Faculty also thought that the tebowing blocking would potentially start a riot because students would start fighting to get their way through.

Next time you have the desire to tebow, stop and think, because you could end up getting suspended.

Tim Tebow-The Luckiest Man in Professional Sports

Submitted by elliottm on Mon, 2012-01-09 14:49.

Tebow has done it again. After a recent string of losses in which he looked absolutely terrible, Tim Tebow has pulled out a win against the heavily favored Pittsburg Steelers. This is just another example of Tebow somehow pulling out a win simply due to...well luck. Tebow has now made a career out of throwing up a garbage pass and relying on his corps of talented wide receivers to come down with it. I am looking forward to watching how the rest of the playoffs unfold and to see how long this roller coaster of lucky games for the Tim Tebow and his Denver Bronco's will last this postseason.


Submitted by shaimt on Sun, 2012-03-25 21:22.

Dear JTrot56

I enjoyed your post on the former Broncos Quaterback Tim Tebow i thought the post was very intresting and true. During that run that the Broncos had when Tim Tebow stepped on the scene he brung the team back to the playoffs.

One sentece that stood out to me was when you stated "Tebowmania is sweeping the nation. The reaso this stands out to me is because its true the NFL has become tebow talk. Now that Tebowmania has changed from orange and blue broncos colors to white and green Jets colors. Everybody is waiting to see how tebow will adjust to the NY community and the atmosphere. In my mind I belive if he can improve his passing then tebow can take the jets all the way.

Thank you for your writing I hope you continue to write posts like thing because many people enjoy this type of writing.