Tech 10 Birthday Game Project: Kim

Jun 4, 2010
by: 12trank

Who: Shrima

Age: 15 (friend who's actual birthday is coming up :D)

Competence: Novice

Alternative #1:

Title of Game: The Game of Life: In a Magical School Number of Players: 2+

Type of Game: Board Game Tools/Materials: Dice, construction paper, markers, paper money

Game space: There is a game board that has many different paths and spaces on them in the form of a map.

Components: Game board and dice.

Goal: Complete the game and try to gain as many points along the way.

Core Mechanics; The player gains and looses points for their “House” throughout the game.

Rules: Pick out a random card that will put you in a “House”. Then continue on with the game following the instructions on the board that applies to your role.

How game elements satisfy Design Specification: She is a big fan of Harry Potter, even attending group events of a Harry Potter club dedicated to using the book’s and movies’ popularity to raise money for different foundations. Anyone can play this game because it does not require a skill.

Why I chose this design: I chose this design because it is similar to the group one that we did before. I am more familiar with how the game works now and can use the feedback that we got to improve this version. It would also be easier to fit the copyrighted constraints because the other two games involve rap songs or a popular tv show which may not have posted their works under creative commons. However, this game can be modified to simply be a "magical world" and would follow the restraints put on the project. 



During this tech class, I

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Submitted by 12trank on Mon, 2010-06-07 21:55.

During this tech class, I used my time to plan out the pathways of the game. Last time we made the game, it was easier because we had the actual game board to paste situations over. However, this time, they need to be created. The pathways are confusing because of the different directions that have to eventually meet up but also give a variety to the player when playing the game.

Good update. What are the

Submitted by ssaha on Tue, 2010-06-08 09:54.

Good update. What are the next steps?

Missing pictures.

For this tech class, i used

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Submitted by 12trank on Fri, 2010-06-11 12:36.

For this tech class, i used the time to transfer my game board design from the paper onto bigger paper (the board). I also wanted to make it look like a castle design so there would be a stone tile border around all the tiles which turned out to be challenging because i had to figure out where to draw the lines so that it would follow right. I changed some of the layout because of space reason and where it would lead to. Next, i have to continue drawing all the tiles and the spaces.


This morning when i worked

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Submitted by 12trank on Fri, 2010-06-11 12:37.

This morning when i worked on my project, i finished adding the "stone brick" lining to the game board and drew the spaces for the players to move onto. Drawing each "brick" took an especially long time and I had to change the layout a bit more so that it flowed better. Next i have to make the four "classes" that the player will be sorted into in the game. Instead of an occupation like in the actual game of Life, players are sorted by their class and situations which affect them depending on the type of class that they are in. (visual evidence will be provided in a reply)


I made the last necessary

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Submitted by 12trank on Fri, 2010-06-11 12:39.

I made the last necessary piece for the game. They were the markers that will represent the player's position in the game. The most difficult part about doing this was trying to make different patterns to deferentiate the stars and deciding what shape they should be in. There did not have to be any changes. Next i have to have others evaluate my game.


 This afternoon, I was

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Submitted by 12trank on Fri, 2010-06-11 12:40.

 This afternoon, I was working on my game again and i made the class cards. There are four different classes based on mythical creatures and their personalities. A challenge i faced was trying to find suitable creatures to represent the classes. They cannot clash characteristics or else they would all be the same and I didn't want them to be monsters. There did not need to be any changes for this portion of the game making. Next i have to make representations of the characters for the players. 


 Final Evaluation Game

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Submitted by 12trank on Sun, 2010-06-13 22:31.

 Final Evaluation

Game Testers: Shrima and Janice

Post-game Questions:

How did you like the game?

What did you think of it?

What was wrong with it or did you not like?


1. She didn't really like the game. The stop spaces were confusing and it didn't keep her attention. The scenarios didn't matter much, we just had to look at what class it applied to and the number of points.

2. The game was okay. It was very short compared to the real game of life. There also wasn't a big chance of landing on a spot that applied to your class specifically.

Strength and Weaknesses:

Game space: The game was relatively short and not enough scenarios to land on.

Components: The dice was hard to read on some sides.

Goal: Gave a sense of competitiveness to see who would end up with the most points.

Rules: Some parts were unclear like the "stop" spaces and what to do when one player finished but the other one didn't. 


I should make the rules more explicit, the game board longer and give more scenarios. I should also change the scenarios to be more interesting and dynamic, maybe offering a storyline to interest the player.


When i made this game, i think i developed my organization and planning skills. I knew what to make and how it would look so it was easier when i was physically putting the game board and its pieces together. Next year, i would need to think more in the client's or player's point of view during the process, seeing how they would react or feel about parts of the game or product. Even though an idea may seem to be a good idea during the planning process, i need to ask myself how would others really receive it.