Tech 7-2 Unit 2 Project Jin

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20jinl
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3

This is a project created on Scratch. It is a very simple animation that is approximately one minute long.
Melly- the fish swims in her fish bowl, content and not feeling hungry on stage left.
Emily- the owner of the pet fish
Anne- Emily’s friend
Setting:A stereotypical living room with a large fishbowl in the foreground.
Melly: (swims in her fish bowl, content and not feeling hungry on stage left). (5 seconds)
Emily: (enters at a walking pace from stage right, coming to check on her pet fish) Hey Melly! How are you! Are you hungry? (3 seconds)
Melly: No I’m fine, I am well (swims around)…( 5 seconds)
Emily: Alright whatever you say (disappears through stage right) (5 seconds)
(few seconds later)
Anne: (walks in from stage left in front of a brick wall)
Emily: (enters from stage left)
Anne and Emily: (both see each other because they are going to each other’s houses)
Anne is Emily’s best friend and is visiting [ walks in from stage left]
Anne: (stands there watching the fish while Emily is outside)
Melly: (dies because she is starving)
Anne: Oh no!!! Melly and Emily come back!!!
Developerse Log-
1.)I started to create my opening screen but i didn’t finish because I couldn’t find a suitable way to animate my words. I will continue to work on my project at home.

I did more edits on storyboardthat.
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