May 5, 2011
by: GSoukup

Janie and Tea Cake sitting in a tree probably going to divorce soon though because it is Janie.

Tea Cake likes her, we see it the entire portion of the chapter of 10. He jokes with her and treater her right. He treats her like a person more than a walking baby maker. He makes her laugh and does good things. He stayed out of his way to help close shop with Janie, he WALKED seven miles to do this. What kind of guy would do that for someone who doesnt love the other. If we read it, all we are missing is his facial expression oh him drooling over her. He was really involved when playing checkers. I saw that and I was like...he is totally into her. Letting someone win, jjoking around with them is a sure sign of a wanting. But i dont know why. I dont really like Janie...


very interesting

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very interesting