The Teen Sex Game

Apr 12, 2010
by: 12bligens

We will be working as a group of 3 people.

  • Carmen is the Researcher
  • Ariel is the Designer
  • Sarah is the Blogger

Our serious issue that the game is going to be about is teen sex issues.

The existing board game that our game is going to be based on is Sorry!



Updates! We have decided

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Submitted by 12bligens on Wed, 2010-04-14 12:45.


We have decided that on the game board, in different spaces, we will have the gamer have the ability to land on different consequences. They are going to range from pregnancy, getting caught by your parents. On the last space, there will be a very difficult descision to make. I don't want to give it away yet, as it is a surprise.

We also decided to make our game a combination of Sorry! and the Game of Life. The game will be simplistic like Sorry! but unlike Sorry! we will not have game cards, all of the events in the game will already be written on the board, just like in the Game of Life. This will simplifty our game, yet still make it informative and interesting. We still have to make a series of rules, although we will most likely use the rules from Sorry! but alter them so that they fit the layout of our game.

We then decided that we will indeed use cards in order to show the information. We decided to name our game Sorry!: Teen Sex Edition.

So we decided to use cards

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Submitted by 12bligens on Fri, 2010-04-16 12:19.

So we decided to use cards as the means of giving our user the information. We interspersed facts with consequences and questions. This way, there is some variety in the game instead of just having all facts or all questions or all consequences, which gets boring after a while. Ariel drew the game board, but a smaller model so that we could see the design. We are using the game rules from Sorry! but adapting them to fit our game specifically. We decided to use a total of 25 cards instead of the 45 that usually are used with Sorry!. We didn't think that having so many cards was necessary. I think that we are going to put the game board either on cardboard or on foam board. This is only if we have the resources to get those materials. Otherwise we will have to do it on the big pieces of poster paper. We decided to have only one pawn per player instead of the usual four pawns, to simplify and shorten the game.