Tennis For The Soul

Jun 2, 2009
by: Jmo

When playing the game of tennis the mind remains blank and focused only on the single object of the game which is the (ball) if your concentration is somewhere else then the game will not be complete and you  are almost guaranteeing your lose of the point or in worse cases the game and the game of tennis when the mind is in the so called (zone) which is absolute focus it doesn't mean that the game is yours in fact if the opponent is also in the zone and knows your play style he can break your style and force you to make errors and break your zone which puts you in a panic state which leads to you being cautious  and makes you hit weak shots and no winners.

"Federer will now turn his attention to winning a first Roland Garros title and believes the confidence from this win will give him an advantage going into the clay-court Grand Slam: “I am very happy that I remained positive and I got the win I needed badly because I have had some rather bad losses this year in terms of the way I played but I think that everything is falling into place and I felt it coming the last few weeks so it is the right time to get a victory like this.”"
 ATP World Tennis Tour News

This would explain why roger federer was in such a bad losing streak and i am glad to see the old champion roger coming back from his moment of depressing play and i also hope that he can shoot back to his old number 1 rank and show all the people who beat him who's boss.                                                                                                                                                                 

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when I saw this picture I knew that roger is coming back and his mind is finally focused on the game again because i can see that his old tennis form is coming back and that his mind and soul are finally at least and there is no hesitation behind his step and there is no falter in his aim. sometimes i wonder if roger can get into the game so well why cant other players do what he does and when I think about it the reason behind his play is very unclear there are many factor's that come in that stop the one single reason for all the power behind his actions, is it his experience ever since he was a child or is it something like the passion he has for it ever since he found out about the sport but whatever it is nothing can stop the force of the federer train once it kicks back into gear and I am interested to know how all the other players will react and

what steps they will take in order to keep up with this moving force.

Here is an example of a service routine:

• Adjust your arousal level make sure you recover from your last point. Focus on feeling you are about to introduce your most important stoke.

• Have a clear intention of where you are going to deliver your serve.

• Set up to line your serve.

• Relax your tension by taking a deep breath.

• Visualize, see and feel your serve.

• Prevent negative thoughts and get rhythm by bouncing the ball.

• Narrow your focus on where you want to serve.

• Automatic pilot just let it happen.

Devise your own routine for serving, everyone is different and they like to do things their way. Setting goals will enable you to work on parts of your routine that you feel need developing. Concentration is the key to improving your serve in match play. When you serve there are no distractions from your opponent, sometimes weather can be a challenge. But because you are concentrating on your routine you are more likely to deliver that first serve.

When I read this it proved to me how any motion of the tennis form most importantly the service motion can affect your mindset and change the way you play and if you messed up and lose the point you feel horrible and you start playing cautious which locks down your game.