That's Just The Way It Is

Mar 31, 2014
by: Anonymous

Being me is tough. It looks easy though

Maybe be it’s because I’m funny and

easygoing always, happy, never down

always overjoyed,and excited.

but in my head you will never understand

because I don’t understand myself either.


It aint easy being me


If you look at me you see a

tall golden-skinned kid who will do anything to make you laugh

if you look inside me you see me torn apart

I rarely have bonding time with my my brother and sister

my mother is always sick;she can drop at any moment.

I don’t see my father as much.

My uncle was recently murdered. I’m falling behind in school

and no one has time for me anymore.


It ain't easy being me.


I try to help help ease the pain everyday

I try to block it with smiles and laughter

I will never really find a resolution to myself

I will never find the end of the maze in my head

but i will keep trying and fighting this pain

day by day until i succeed in finding me because

It ain't easy bein me.


Very good.

jarissa.cepeda's picture
Submitted by jarissa.cepeda on Fri, 2014-04-04 09:32.

Hey Jamyk,

I really like your post “That’s Just The Way It Is”. It is very inspirational.

One thing that stood out for me was “It aint easy being me”. This is because it is true that when you are yourself, people have difficulty accepting it. It is hard to accept someone for who they are. This forces a change.

Another thing that stood out for me was “I try to block it with smiles and laughter”. This is relatable. This is because when people talk about you, it is hard to hide the pain. People have to fake their happiness.

This relates to me because it is not easy being myself either. I always have gibes shouted at me. They hurt me but i still manage to smile through it.

I really hope you post again! Your posts are really inspirational and meaningful.

Dear Anonymous,

Submitted by rosalinda.rico on Wed, 2014-09-10 02:43.

Dear Anonymous,

I am intrigued by your post “That’s Just The Way It Is”, because you write about your life in such short phrases that are deep. I also like the concept behind your post, others can relate to it maybe not with the same exact situations you have experienced in your life but similar ones.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me was: “It aint easy being me”. This stands out for me because it is repeated throughout the post very vaguely but one can tell that it’s your main idea. I also think that it is a phrase to which many can relate with because we are forced to be in life situations that challenge us and shape the way we see our life.

Another sentence that I like was: “If you see inside me you see me torn apart”. I think that the connections you make and the fact that you have facts/stories to back up your idea about not being understood strengthen your post. These elements allow one to see why you feel that way, I also find it amusing that you talk about what others see and the actual reality.

I am able to make a connection with your post. I am also one of those persons who try to cover the truth, I will make others smile and show that I am a happy person but if someone would actually know my whole life story they wouldn't understand. I also feel like the situations that we are put through help makes us stronger, and bring out abilities that without them we wouldn't show.

You should definitely post again because I’m sure there are others who can relate to what you are talking about!