Is There an App for That?

Feb 1, 2012
by: PaigeFery

In honor of Digital Learning Day, I decided to read an article about how useful smart phone applications are. Prior to reading this article, I had never really thought about how many apps there are. As an iPhone user myself, I only have the basic weather, sports, news, and cooking apps. Then I realized, there are technology guru's that have pages and pages of apps.

But is having all those apps really useful or helpful?

In the New York Times article "Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time?" the author points out that there are new apps that help combine apps, so you only have to open one app to get all the information you want. I thought this was interesting because the author was mostly interested in news applications. As a teenager, I agree that this app saves time and is more helpful when reading for substantial information, but I don't think that this is true for younger users.

Below the article online, smart phone users under the age of thirteen were asked to comment on this. They mostly agreed with my opinion that younger users don't use the same apps as the older demographic leading to different opinions on whether apps are useful.


Growing up w/ apps

Submitted by Chad Sansing on Wed, 2012-02-01 22:34.

Paige, how do you think the apps we use change over time? How do we learn from different apps at different ages? Are there any apps you know of that have a lot to offer any user?