There Is Only One Way To Destroy ISIS

Jan 13, 2016

In Yousef Munayyer essay, “There Is Only One Way To Destroy ISIS,” (The Nation. 16 Nov. 2015. Web. 11 Jan. 2016., the author explains that the only way to destroy ISIS is by ending the Syrian civil war.

When we consider the issue of ISIS some might wonder why did ISIS start a war with the world? Yousef Munayyer's essay addresses this question because this article explains the one way ISIS could be destroyed, and that one way is to end the Syrian civil war.

Munayyer writes: "Neither airstrikes nor boots on the ground will do it. We must address the conditions that led to its rise, and that means ending the Syrian civil war and the regional Saudi-Iranian conflict."

This is basically saying that we should just stop the civil war to end ISIS.

This might make people wonder how do we do that. One thing we can do is end the Syrian refugee crisis. Another way is try to make peace with both sides of Syria. Another thing that we can to end the war is by doing peace agreements all over Syria.

Another point that Yousef Munayyer makes in his article is:"Paris is just the beginning. The devastating attacks claimed by ISIS that killed scores in the French capital last week are a sign of things to come and a clear indication that efforts to combat this scourge have been a failure thus far." This is not fair because the people in Paris should not suffer like this.

A third point addressed by Yousef Munayyer is: "The 'global war on terror,' launched by the Bush administration after September 11 and continued by the Obama administration, has been an abject failure by any objective measure. Terrorism today is far more prevalent around the globe than it has ever been, in large part because of some of the policies of the American 'war on terror.' With ISIS metastasizing around the globe, we seem further away from the objective than ever." This is significant because we need to be aware about ISIS and what they could to us.

What we can appreciate about Munayyer's writing is how his theory is that it might work. We can look forward to seeing what he writes next. We need a lot of information about ISIS and how can we stop them. And one more thing that we could also look forward to more theories about ISIS.