Things Get Hectic

Feb 21, 2013
by: adot

I'm reading this book called “ Thing Get Hectic ” by youth communication. I can really relate to this book because in this book they talk about nothing but things teens go threw in this generation. most adult thinks kids act out and show off because the want to but really its because u have to. For example if a group of kids see a boy who isn't dressed right or looks like a punk they see him or her as an easy target .So kids try their hardest to impress their peers because they don't want these type of things to happened to them. me personally i don't have to go threw this because i can fight I've been boxing for about 5 years now and i wish someone would try something funny.

In the start of chapter 3 they talk about how a boy wants to fight another boy just because he wasn't from the same neighborhood and he was look at the kid funny. I can relate to this because this also happened to to me one time. It was about 2 years ago on Gun-hill road in The Bronx and I was just sitting in the park with one of my lady friends when a kid approached me asking me where I was from and why am I in this park. I responded “ Boy please” and Thats when he threw his slow right hook which I weaved and then slammed him on his head but right after that a group of his friends were on me. Now I'm on the floor covering my face but I wasn't hurt they didn't know what they was doing . But i the story the boy came back and sent a couple shots at the boy who approached him. I didn't take it to that level because i rather beat someone up before taking their live , but this just goes to show that you never know what will happened if you mess with the wrong person.

After this part of the book , most readers will probably have gone through this same thing or at least knows someone that has and this will make them want to read more just like I will just to see what other thing they have in this book that I can related to.


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