Things Get Hectic

Feb 21, 2013
by: adot

What happened to my american free dream by Natalie Neptune

In this chapter a girl was telling her story about when she was born and how she moved to america a while back. Her parents gave her their citizen papers one day but her name wasn't on it and she told them that she also wanted to be an US citizen . She waited and waited until she was approved but when she finally did get em she didn't even want to be an Us citizen anymore because she felt like in America they were doing the same things cops did back in Haiti ,where you from from. She then explained that in Haiti police will break in your home unannounced the females and kill the males.

The reason she didn't want to be a Us citizen anymore was because she heard about a guy named Abner Louima that was also from Haiti and he was beat and raped with a toilet plunger in 70th percent on 1997. She thought that she was getting away from these kind of things but yet she walked right into it like she never left Haiti in the first place.