Things that make me angry when attempting to write my weekly essays for English. (this IS my essay)

Apr 26, 2009
by: mcolindr

I believe its time for me to come clean. I have NO IDEA what's going on anymore. I am now a little lost. I've been doing research on this topic for a long time, or at least what feels like a long time, and I've been getting stuff on my Google Reader like, "World Peace Cookies" and "The World Peace Diet" and things like that. Not only do I not understand what they're about, I get mad at them sometimes. I say this because, when I have English class, It's 5th period. Every day except Tuesday, I have English 5th, and I'm most likely starving by that time because i don't get to eat until 7th period and I don't have time for breakfast at home. So yeah, I'm trying to do my research and these things about double chocolate fudge world peace cookies come up in my Reader and I'm all like, "Well this is just GREAT isn't it?" Not only that, it takes up space in my reader too, so when my English teacher tells us to research and bookmark using that darn "Note in Reader" thing, I have to sift through things like that to grab an article that catches my attention, but there are so many, Mr. Allison is all like, "Why aren't you reading yet?" And I'm thinking to myself, "Because Double chocolate fudge cookies are spamming my reader and I can't find a decent magazine article/blog post/news article/podcast! That's why!" But I can't say that out loud or I'll get kicked out of the classroom. Well, anyway, that was my weekly rant in which I completely go off topic and ignore the guidelines. Now keep reading to see the "real" stuff or you can just comment on my rant now. You choose. I won't hold it against you.

"Targeting current and historic conflict zones, including Iraq, Rwanda and most recently the Gaza Strip, not only fulfills the group's mission to offer equal-access education to the most isolated children, it may also promote world peace, Keller said."

    I'm learning more about world peace right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is what it is and why it doesn't last. As I was reading in my Google Reader, this news item caught my attention because it occurred to me that there are places in the world where the people and the younger generation don't know what's going on in the world because they don't have access to this information or they are still worrying about what's happening in their own country to worry about the entire world.
    The quote I chose here is basically saying that by teaching kids about whats happening in other places might get them inspired enough to go and think about the world and world peace.
    I think this is awesome because not only is this getting more people to go towards world peace, but its educating and enlightening children about it too.It makes me wonder about what the future holds for us. Children are our future, so if we get as many young people and children as possible, our generation should be the ones to bring peace because we're the ones who're going to have to live in this world when the people in charge now leave it, and I'm pretty sure we don't want to live in a world that looks like an abandoned battle field.

"While much has been written about the change of atmosphere in the new Obama world, these stunning developments speak loudly to how the world can change with a new attitude toward former adversaries.  Pretty smart: discontinuing policies that have failed for years."

    I'm learning more about world peace right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is: Why can't we all just get along? As I was reading in my google reader, this blog post caught my attention because it talked about Obama wanting to "extend an olive branch" to Cuba and stop the feud.
    The quote I chose here is basically saying that a new attitude can change a lot of things and getting rid of things that don't work is for the best.
    I think this is important because in order to move forward, we need to tie up loose ends from the past. If something old doesn't work, get rid of it. Stop trying to use it because sometimes it'll make things worse. It makes me wonder things like: hasn't anyone tried this before? and: Obama is working with us for peace.With Obama in office, I'm pretty sure we'll reach world peace soon enough.

Soup To Nutz
    See this is what I want to see. People, especially our youth, taking an interest in our future. Sure, the people upstairs will never see it, but the fact that people are trying is enough for me. I personally, haven't done this because of two reasons:

1) I haven't come up with a fool-proof plan as of yet


2) I wouldn't know who to send it to. I'm serious. Would it go through if I just put "White House" as the address? Or do I have to send my plan for world domin- I mean, peace to somebody else? That's about all I have to say this week. So, yeah... Enjoy.


nice rant! that is one of

Submitted by khassan on Sun, 2009-04-26 23:41.

nice rant! that is one of the reasons i switched my topics! still, the steak dinner gamers challenge always makes me hungry...but still, good rant!

Even though I myself use

Submitted by 11myszkowskio on Mon, 2009-04-27 08:18.

Even though I myself use google for a lot of my research, it's a terrible site to research for information on. It's really bad because anyone's website can come up even if they just have one word that relates to the topic your searching. It's not always a reliable source and it can really frustrate you especially if it's a last minute project. That's why recently i found out that libraries really are the best place for research. Recently I had to write a long humanities essay about the Holocaust and all the resources needed to be books. At first I was thinking how is it possible to find enough resources from books but in the end i ended up getting much more information then i would of ever found on the Internet. By reading books, I learned in detail what happened and occured during the Holocaust.

I would love do research

Submitted by mcolindr on Mon, 2009-04-27 12:33.

I would love do research using something other than Google Reader, but unfortunately, my english teacher makes us use it for no reason at all. I myself, don't agree with his methods but hey, what can I do?

I feel your pain. I too get

Submitted by KOwareAd on Mon, 2009-04-27 12:34.

I feel your pain. I too get so many thing in the Google reader that has nothing to do with my topic. Nice rant. Speak the truth