Thoughts About Janie and Jody Chapters 7,8 and 9

Apr 30, 2011
by: CFlores

As I keep reading Their Eyes Were Watching God, I can't help, but to think how great this book is. I love the scenery, characters, slang, time period and plot. Zora Neal Hurston brings a very good point of pages 98-100 on how she makes me see Janie and Jody during these two pages. One quote that gave me a point of view on Janie was: "Naw, Ah ain't no young gal no mo' but den Ah ain't no old woman neiter. Ah reckon Ah looks mah age too. But Ah'm uh woman every inch of me, and Ah know it. Dat's uh whole lote more'n you kin say. You big-bellies round her and put out a lot of brag, but 'taint nothing' to it but yo' big voice. Humph! Talkin' 'bout me lookin' old! When you pull down yo' britches, you look lak de change uh life." While reading this quote, I felt that Janie grew up a lot from when she first married Jody. Janie was so exhausted from taking insults from Jody, day by day and she just happened to explode on him. I believe that Janie was right for doing what she did because everyone reachers their limit. When Janie stood up for herself, it symobolized to me her freedom from Jody's oppression and that she would not find herself in the same circle of life.  In other words, Janie was going through a dramatic change in her life. On the other hand Zora Neal Hurston gave me a completely different point of view about Jody: "Then Joe Starks realized al the meaning and his vanite bled like a flood. Janie had robbed him of his illuson of irresistible maleness that all men cherish, which was terrible...So he struck Janie with all his might and drove her from the store." I felt that Jody was transformed into a coward and a monster. This was an example of why men were seen unequal throughout this period of time because of strength and force that women lack. I disliked Jody after this happened.

However, my feelings did not change about Jody in his death bed. Yes, Jody was dying and I wouldn't wish that to anyone, but he dosmetically abused Janie and I disliked him since then. I think Janie's treatment towards Jody was normal and logical because Janie did not like Jody; she was feeling miserable with him. Janie reminds me of Rosa from the book Rosa. Janie has gone through so much pain with love that she struggles to find happiness with every single one of her husbands, so far into the story. This book is a really good book, I will keep reading it to see what happens next.


Dear Christian,  I like your

Submitted by ndaza on Tue, 2011-05-10 08:46.

Dear Christian,

 I like your post " Thoughts about Jody and Janie chapter 7,8,9" because it was interesting to see your point f view and to compare you thoughts with mine. The part that interested me the most is in the first paragraph when you said you love the slang in " Their eyes were watching god". To me the slang confuese me alot in because i can hardly understand and i always have to repeat the parts I'm reading .

One sentence that stands out for me is "I felt that Janie grew up a lot from when she first married Jody. Janie
was so exhausted from taking insults from Jody, day by day and she just
happened to explode on him." I think this is interesting because Janie didn't grow up alot because who just thinks they fall in love right away with not evening knowing the person. Also I understand she was young but she waited for so long to just speak out to her husband which makes no sense, if your miserable then why scarafice your happiness.