Thoughts on the Oppression of Children

May 14, 2013
by: cammar

I have chosen the topic of child abuse. Child abuse has many different causes and results in short and long term effects. This topic interests me because I think it is a very important issue in our world today. I also think that it is important because I feel like once a person experiences abuse as a child it leaves a permanent mark. I knew that child abuse led to many problems and even issues in the future. Another thing I already knew about child abuse is that it causes a large amount of death either suicidal or homicidal. Which means that child abuse is just making the world a horrible place to live in. Something that was interesting to me before I started researching was the impact on the victims and how they move on or attempt to move on.

The research that I have begun so far is the different causes for child abuse and what makes the oppressors do what they do. My research hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be, but it does require some time and work to find some interesting and informative sources. I started by searching some causes of child abuse and what sparks the action of doing it. I read some really interesting articles on Some of the articles that I read on that site are:

Some new information that I have learned about this topic is that the results are different for all the victims. Sometimes the effects can vary depending on the gender of the victim,the age of the victim or what type of abuse they suffered from. Some interesting facts about the variation of traits in the victims is that female victims are more likely to be connected with criminal activities. Another interesting fact that I learned in an article I read is “Being abused or neglected as a child increases the likelihood of arrest as a juvenile by 59 percent, as an adult by 28 percent, and for a violent crime by 30 percent” I learned a lot of interesting facts and statistics about the victims of abuse.

Child abuse is something that needs to be payed more attention worldwide. child abuse doesn’t only affect the life of one person but it affects many others lives. This is a huge international problem and makes us feel melancholy because it contributes to the death of many young innocent children who should be alive and happy. I think there should be an attempt to prevent the causes of child abuse from taking place. I think parents should be under more pressure to stop doing things that will result in abusing their children. I think there should be an end to child abuse and it needs to be taken more seriously so the world wouldn’t be as harsh as it is today.