Three stories about me

Dec 11, 2008
by: jren

The day for me         
        today is a sunny day the weather is very good l go out side play the basketball after  few hours l feel tired and l go drink some water
when l finish water l go to the bathroom ,l go to K.F.C. eat a lot of chicken and a bottle of coke l like drink coke , l don't know why just like
     At afternoon l go to sleep  l made a dream l saw my girl friend in the dream she talks  to me but when l want to talk to her arose from my dream
l  miss her in china l feel sad and l want to cry now l just want to by the air ticket to china visit her but l can l still need learn in school in USA l can't see her now l feel really bad ,l need to go bathroom wash my face and l need keep my mind clear from thought  .
    Now l feel much better now l can enjoy my dinner  this is during the day happen in my life
l don't want that happen again never .that will made me cry for long long time.!


       l play the poker card for 2year and l play the magic of poker until now l still don't know when was poker invented  and who invented .l check online  l know Ancestor to the card game poker include the ancient Persian (Iranian) game known as As Na, the French game P O U Q E, the Italian game P and the English game Brag. In the 1820s in New Orleans, Louisiana, sailors invented a game similar to poker in which a player bets that the value of his or her hand is higher than the value of the hands held by other players. The first poker games used three cards per person from a deck of thirty-two cards. Valuable combination included pairs and three of a kind. Later, players used a deck of fifty-two cards, dealt each player five cards, and drew more cards from the deck. Stud poker, in which each player is dealt a first card face down and the next four cards face up, was not invented until about 1864. As poker was played, more changes gradually came about. They included the addition of the straight—a hand of five cards in sequence but not in the same suit.....
Now l know the poker game has a long long story and a  long history

My mom
          where l start to say my mother ,she 's a powerful women in my mind she did a lot of thing
for me ,although she left me when l am 3years old she left me and go to NY for  9years l am not hate her because she go America for me and my parents because she work hard l can stand here today l can write the story for her .
       l with my mom live in NY .l am only 2years here my mom has 9years be here ,she always come back to home at mid night ,l know she was very tried but she never say tried to me she just find some place to relax body but she never let me know .l know she did this because she don't want to me worry about her because that l will get bad mood and l can not focus in the school .
      Before that lam in china l was a very bad boy who always fight on the ST  and go to police office every day at that time l go to police office as l eat meal for every day l need to do ,when my mom bring  me out of the china to U.S.A. she change me to a good boy .in my heart she is not a just mom she also is a hero for me she change my life ,she change the boy who fight on the ST she change me to a normal person she change the boy who will go to jail and she teach me how do be a useful person for  social .she did a lot of for but l can do thing just do some house work and focus in the school ,be a good boy on the ST ,be a good children at home ,be a good student in the school this is l only can do for her .l want to grow up because that l can help my mom not be too tried >........