The Time Machine goes beyond my imagination

Feb 8, 2009
by: hchen

Recently I read  pages 50 - 75 in The Time Machine, by H.G.Wells, and I felt curious after I reading this part of the book because there are many sentences that caught my eye.

One line from this part of the book that stands out for me is: "Next , I began to worry something terrible will happen to me when I land." I think this is weird because I don't think he would get anything terrible when he is on land.

Another line that I liked was: "The date dial stood at 802,712, as item tumbling over and  over in itself side." This stood out for me because I  think he probably is going to travel to 802 A.D.

This section of The Time Machine, it is so weird for me. It goes beyond my imagination .

What's probably going to happen next is he will arrive 802 A.D.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book because it has enriched my life.